Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Three Freedman of the Civil War.

These names were taken from the files of the Surgeon General.

JACKSON, JOHN, Freedman, was cut on the scalp by a knife, in an affray at Vicksburg, Mississippi, May 8th, 1864. He was received into the Freedman s Hospital, whence he deserted on May 12th, 1864.

CASK. Jesse Smith, Freedman, aged 18 years, employed as a cattle driver, rolled off, in his sleep, from the hay in a  stable loft, and fell, some twelve feet to the floor, striking his head. He was found in the morning, cold and insensible, lying on the stable floor, near the horses. Under the use of frictions, hot drinks, and other restoratives he revived, and was carried to the Freedmen s Hospital, at Alexandria, Virginia. Acting Assistant Surgeon Robert N. Atwood, found a wound of the scalp of a crucial form over the right parietal eminence, and a depressed fracture of the bone; but, as the general condition of the patient was comfortable.

CASE 206. D. Brazee, a freedman, aged 25 years, received a punctured wound of the abdomen, from a knife, in a fight on the steamer Cook, at Vicksburg, June 5, 1865. He was conveyed to the hospital for freedmen. The wound was two inches in lengfli, and was situated one inch to the right of the left anterior superior spinous process of the ilium. Knuckles of the jejunum and ileum protruded. The intestines were cut in three places, and several brandies of the mesenteric artery were divided. Surgeon T. J. Wright, 64th U. S. Colored Troops, closed the wounds -of the intestines by sutures, ligated the wounded branches of the mesenteric artery, and enlarged the opening and returned the intestines. The wound of the parietes was then closed by sutures, and simple dressings were applied. Death resulted on the next day. Extravasated blood and firves were found in the cavity. Acting Assistant Surgeon C. A. Costar reported the case.

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