Saturday, November 16, 2013

Isaac C. Fulton, 4th, N. Y. Heavy Artillery.

New York State Records.

Isaac C. Fulton, Age 18 years.  Enlisted January 26, 1864, at Claverack; mustered in as a private, Co. I., January 26, 1864, to serve three years, wounded date not stated; died of wounds October 1, 1864, at City Point, Virginia.

Files of the Surgeon General.

Isaac C. Fulton, private, Co. I., 4th., New York,, Heavy Artillery, was wounded, October 1, 1864, in the trenches before Petersburg by a fragment of a shell which shattered the upper extremity of his left femur and lacerated the soft tissues on the outside of the thigh.   He was immediately carried to the second corps field hospital.  A consultation was held, at which time it was determined that an amputation at the hip joint was the only resource that could possibly preserve life.  Isaac C. Fulton, survived the shock of the injury and operation, but a few hours, and died at City Point, Virginia, October 1, 1864, "Died from Shock".

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