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Rebel Spy, John M. Goldsmith.

On June 24, 1861, near Mathias Point, Virginia, the U. S. S. Resolute under the command of acting Master Budd made a descent on Dr. Hooe, house.  Dr. Hooe home was a depot for the rebels.  Dr. Hooe was the owner and proprietor of the depot.  He had sent word to the rebels to burn the Christiana Keen ( A New Jersey Schooner which was burned later).  Dr. Hooe had a number of mounted troopers quartered in and lying about his premises.  Their purpose was protecting boats which got across Maryland with men ect.

Dr. Hooe's place was a barrack's and had accommodations put up in his schoolhouse and outhouses for twenty-five men.  When the U. S. S. Resolute attacked there won't many enemy troopers at the house.  After landing the premises was set a fire and completely destroyed.

After the attack a Dragoon uniform ( Officers ), was found.  It was found that one of the rebel agents was a spy and the uniform was his.

The Spy was John M. Goldsmith, was an officer, he was small and slight of figure, had short black hair and a small black moustache.  He had no whiskers, had deep blue eyes, he had a small head and face.  HIs complexion was fair, he was quick in action and speech and had a strong voice.

Goldsmith came across from Baltimore on the 21st, and went to Fredericksburg, then returned from Fredericksburg and left Dr. Hooe's house the evening before the attack.  He is supposed to be there purchasing revolvers.

Authors note.  The Doctor's name was either Hooe or Howe, neither the Rebel's or union was for sure.  It was not known if the spies real name was Goldsmith as spies used many different names.  However there was a Private, John M. Goldsmith, in the First Maryland Infantry, Co. H., was this the same man, only more research well tell.

The information above was put together from two reports taken from the files of the ( Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion ), Series !. Vol. 4, p. 533-536.

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