Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sergeant Erskine Carson, Co. I., 73rd., Ohio Infantry.

Ohio State Records.
Erskine Carson, Commissary Sergeant, age 23, Enlisted November 7, 1861, for 3, years.  Promoted from Sergeant Co. I., August 5, 1862.  Discharged October 29, 1862, for wounds received August 30, 1862, in battle of Second Bull Run, Virginia.
The wounding of Erskine Carson, I found very interesting in that he tells how he was wounded in battle and what happened to him will in the hospital.  I would liked to have copied the information but I was unable to do so, so I copied the pages from the files of the Surgeon General Office.
Erskine Carson case number is 651.  Those who would like to copy this information for their records may do so without asking. Push picture to enlarge.

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