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People Who had Accidents In 1865-1866.

 Authors Note.  This information comes from; American Journal of the Medical Sciences.
I can't seem to find the volume again, so I'm sorry to say this will be all the information there will be on the names.

John Clouden, a factory hand, a native of this country, 19 years of age, was admitted September 2, 1865, having had his right hand seriously crushed and mangled by being caught in the picker
of a cotton mill.

Michael O'Donnell, a schoolboy, five years of age, was run over by a locomotive on the North Pennsylvania Railroad on the afternoon of September 29, 1865, and was received into  the Episcopal Hospital about half an hour after the occurrence..

Patrick Dailey, an Irishman, 35 years of age, a laborer, was brought to the hospital on the evening of January 13, 1866, by a policeman who had found him lying in an intoxicated condition upon the track of the Germantown Passenger Railway, where he had been run over by a car about half an hour previously.

Wm. McMulligan, an Irishman, 50 years of age, a factory-hand, was admitted February 22, 1866, having  had his right hand injured that morning in the machinery of the factory where he worked.

Joseph K. Alderfer, 25 years of age, unmarried, a returned soldier, and a native of Pennsylvania, was admitted on Thursday, August 31st, 1865, at about ten o'clock in the morning. He stated that he had fallen an hour or two previously from a loaded wagon which he was driving, and which was overturned at the time of his fall. .

Gottlieb Jehle, a German, 21 years of age, and by occupation a gardener, was admitted to the Episcopal Hospital on Sept. 8, 1865, at about half past four in the morning, having both his upper and lower jaw broken by a kick from a horse.

James Massey, an Englishman, 39 years of age, married, a saw-grinder by occupation, was admitted to the Episcopal Hospital at about 111 A. M., on September 15, 1865, suffering from a compound depressed fracture of the frontal bone, which had been produced that morning by the bursting of a grindstone at a neighboring saw-factory. He had been sitting before the grindstone on an iron-bound " horse," by a blow from the end of which his injury was caused.

Michael Sullivan, aged fifty, an Irishman, and by occupation a laborer, was admitted into the Episcopal Hospital on the morning of October 2d, 1865, having fallen a short time previously from the third story window of a dwelling-house.

Clarence Masterson, an Irishman, 50 years of age, married, and by occupation a laborer, was admitted to the Episcopal Hospital on the morning of August 28, 1865, having been injured by falling astride of a joist in a new building where he was at work.

Charles Donald, aged 43, mariner, constitution good, received a fracture of the radius and ulna of his left forearm, produced by the fall of a spar in New Orleans, in March, 1864.

E. H. S., mate on board the U. S. S. " Chocura," aged thirty-one years, native of New York, while the vessel was lying in Tampa Bay at 7 A. M., February 22, 1866, accidentally inserted a pocket-knife blade three-fourths of an inch in width and three inches in length, in his left thigh.

Thomas Kelley, a boy of 14 years, was admitted to the Episcopal Hospital on Wednesday evening, August 16th, 1865. The following imperfect account of his case was subsequently obtained from himself and his friends  On August 3d (nearly two weeks before entering the hospital), he fell from a wagon, receiving two wounds, one over the right temporal region, and another on the left side of the head. These wounds were healing when, on August 15th, in attempting to go down stairs, he fell down the entire flight of nine steps. He received from this fall a contusion over the right eye, and had some bleeding from the mouth. He stated that he was momentarily stunned by the fall,

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