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Lieutenant David E. Ainsworth, Michigan.

David E. Ainsworth.

Birth: 1938.
Death: May 12, 1864.
Burial: Unknown at this time.

Battle of Spottsylvania Court House. Virginia.
Colonel C. B. Grant, who was acting major that day, writes: "Just before the charge we lay near our battery, which was supported by the Second Michigan, just near the brow of the elevation. Before this we had been further to the left, and had moved, a shell killing four men.  There was an open piece of woods to our right, and another one to our left, containing to the right. While lying there before the order was given to charge, we were severely shelled, and more underbrush, as I remember, mainly of hardwood.
It was in these woods that that soldiers of both sides were captured and recaptured several times. When we reached the most advanced position of the charge, I was at the right of the regiment and discovered that we were being shot from the woods at the left. I immediately ran along the line to inform Major Barnes, who was in command of the regiment, I being the acting major.
The bullets and shells made such a noise was impossible to hear any command ten feet away. Major Barnes, by motion of his hands, rather than by voice, gave the order to move by the left flank and charge into the woods, which we did.  Our regiment was in an open space between the two woods." So ended the bloody charge of the Twentieth Michigan at Spottsylvania.  Lieutenant David E. Ainsworth fell on the field of battle.
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