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Abel Babcock, New Jersey.

Abel Babcock.

Birth: June 13, 1789, Mariboro, Massachusetts.
Death: Juene24, 1879, Williamstown, New Jersey.

Wife's: First wife Harriet or Harriot Maria Arnold, married December 7, 1820, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, sold her. Second wife  Lydia Baldwin Babcock, ( May 29, 1816-May 19, 1885 ), married May 21, 1838, Boston, Massachusetts.

Children. Kate Babcock Townsend ( 1843-1910 ), Richmond, Harrison, Mary J., and Cornealia Babcock.

Able Babcock was in the War of 1812, as a private in Captain Wentworth Knight's company, Massachusetts, Militia.  Enlisted September 18, 1814, discharged November 29, 1814.

Burial: Williamstown Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Williamstown, Gloucester County New Jersey..

Abel Babcock Military Pension file.
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