Monday, June 23, 2014

American Seamen Impressed.

When one hears of impressed seaman one thinks of Great Britain ( British ), this was true in many cases.  However many other countries were taking ships like France and Spain and others.  Many had treaties with the United States, but it was unable to in force them.

Many of these impressed seaman were from merchant ship.   The owners of this ship soon got tired of losing their ships and crews and of course money. They started to arm them under the protest of many nations even the United States because of the treaties. 

But the merchant won their right to arm themselves.  If they hadn't armed themselves they would have been like sitting ducks on an open pond.. Many had certificates of protection, but these protections were about as worthless as the paper they were written on.

I have thousands of ships names and impressed seaman and citizens this is just a few. 

Schooner Betesy, of Salem; Master Samuel Townsend; impressed Edward Burnham of Massachusetts; impressed by the British ship of war Rattler, January 12, 1797; had protection.

Ship Thomas, of Newburyport; master Joseph Crown; impressed Francis Newcomb of Massachusetts; impressed by British press gang at Gravesend, October 12, 1797

Ship Industry, of Boston; master Rufus Low; Thomas Law and William Hunter and Abraham Harris all of Massachusetts; impressed by British frigate Ceres; April 7, 1797.

Brig Betsey, of Salem; master Nathaniel Silsbee; impressed Edward Hulen of Massachusetts; impressed by British frigate, Sybille; February 9, 1779.

Ship Hope of Norwich; master Sylvester Bill; impressed Avery Tinker of Connecticut; impressed by British frigate Tourterelle; September 28, 1797.

Sloop Industry of Philadelphia; master John Wheelan; impressed Thomas Lewis and Thomas Hicks of Maryland; impressed by British frigate Ceres, February 26, 1787; no protections.

Schooner Isabella of Philadelphia; master Francis Driscol; impressed John Easton of Massachusetts; impressed by British ship of war Jamaica, November 5, 1797; no protection.

Schooner Expedition, Captain Shubael Swaine, from St. Thomas's; impressed John Davis of United States; had protection; taken in West Indies; by British ship Sampson, May 12, 1797.

Ship Snow Good Hope, Captain John Gemeny from St. Croix; impressed John Black of Massachusetts; taken in West Indies; by British Labbett; May 15, 1779.

Ship Betsey Hollow, Captain William Shallcross; from Antigua; impressed Elias Hinson taken in West Indies; by British ship Tartar; May 8, 1797.

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