Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ninth Indiana Cavalry On Steamer Sultana, July 27, 1865.

There will be no information on these names, as there are just to many.  However if you see a name of interest you can E. Mail me and I will be glad to send any information I have on him.

These men were made prisoners at Sulphur Branch Trestle, and were lost in the explosion of the Steamer Sultana on the morning of July 27, 1865.

121 / 9th., Indiana Cavalry.
Henry Conklin, Co. A.
Patrick Day, Co. A.
Frederick Blessinger, Co. B.
Charles E. Church, Co. B.
Ephraim B. Parman, Co. B.
John Stenarl, Co. B.
John Steward, Co. B.
Warren A. Huckins, Co. C.
Edward Wood, Co. D.
Charles W. Clevenger, Co. G.
George Downing, Co. G.
Jonathan R. Downing, Co. G.
William H. Graves, Co. G.
William C. Hoober, Co. G
John M. Maynard, Co. G..
Enoch T. Nation, Co. G.
James C. Olom, Co. G.
John R. Reasoner, Co. G.
Nathan Thornburg, Co. G.
Franklin Ballinger, Co. H.
James Bell, Co. H.
Alonzo Dunham, Co. H.
George W. Delano, Co. H.
Josiah Pratt, Co. H.
John W. Shull, Co. H.
Hiram Bailey, Co. K.
John W. Emmons, Co. K.
George S. Fisher, Co. K.
Jacob Hurald, Co. K.
Henry Newton, Co. K.
William F. Rea, Co. K.
Joseph Survant, Co. K.
George Shockley, Co. K.,
Joseph Sorvaul, Co. K.
Darius Steveens, Co. K.
Matthew Zix, Co. K.
James N. Christian, Co. L.
William R. Glaze, Co. L.
Leander McCartney, Co. L.
Robert A. Moorhouse, Co. L.
Archibald Reed, Co. L.
John Armstrong, Co. M.
Joseph Alexander, Co. M.
William Brigg, Co. M.
George Blake, Co. M.
Nathan E. Gruell, Co. M.
Rnis Haloway or Halloway,, Co. M.
William H. Huffman, Co. M.
James M. Isentrager, Co. M.
Samuel King, Co. M.


Unknown said...

Would love to have any info you have on James Bell Co H, 9th Indiana

Dennis Segelquist said...

Steve this is all II have on Bell.

Ninth Indiana Cavalry ( Known as the 121stm Regiment).

James Bell, Private, Residence Johnson County, Mustered in January 9, 1864: Lost on the Sultana, April 27, 1865.