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John M. Manderville.

John M. Manderville.
Birth: abt, 1834,
Death: Unknown.
Wife: Sophronia E. Freeland Manderville.
Children: Franklin F. Manderville, Laurence W. Manderville or John Lawrence Manderville.
Author. Laurence W. and John Lawrence could be the same son as both were born in March of 1861.
Burials: Unknown, no records found.

John M. Manderville, was living in Chelsea, of Suffolk county, Massachusetts in 1861, was a Stair Builder, lived at 62, Shurtleff Street.
Massachusetts First Infantry.
Battle of Second Bull Run
Company H.

The charge of Company H was made just at dawn of day, over an open field, every foot of which was exposed to battery and rifle-pit fires, yet not a man faltered. " Forward, double-quick," over miry, uneven ground they went, in too much of a hurry to fire, with bayonets fixed, and determined to take the works, or die in the attempt. When within a few yards, the men raised a shout for Old Massachusetts : through the ditch, and up the parapet, over went the gallant company ; and the rebels, who previously had been pouring in a deadly fire, broke and fled in every direction. The picks and shovels of the Eleventh quickly accomplished the destruction of the redoubt.

Company A was out in the field under fire, and Company I in reserve if H should need support ; but H had nobly and thoroughly done its work.

There were about seventy men in Company H, which made the brilliant charge described. They never fired a shot till they reached the ditch in front, when they fired one volley, and leaped the ditch.

Privates Patrick J. Donovan and John M. James, with Orderly-Sergeant Manderville, were the first within the redoubt on the right, and Lieut. Chandler the first on the left, closely followed by Corporals John H. Newling and William A. Smith, and Sergeant C. H. Carruth.

MANDERVILLE, JOHN M. Corporal Co. H, 1st Regiment Infantry, mustered May 23, 1861, for three years; appointed 1st Sergeant, Sept, 1, 1861 ; discharged for promotion July 17, 1862 ; mustered 1st Lieut., July 17, 1862. Aug. 29, 1862, killed in action at Manassas, Va.

Mandeville, John M., Corporal Residence Chelsea; Age 27; stair builder; enlisted May 22, 1861; mustered in May 23, 1861; commissioned  1st Lieutenant to date July 17, 1861; killed August 29,1862, at second Bull Run, Virginia Va., as 1st Sergeant..

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