Monday, September 15, 2014

'Toby" The Ratter.



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OF the many annoyances and discomforts of camp and trench life, the rat is the most unwelcome. This species of the rodent family infests these places and not only becomes a pest, but a menace to the health of the soldier. Many a brave man has lost his life from  the poisonous bite of these pesky and annoying creatures. Every effort is made to rid the camp of their presence. Of all breeds of dogs, the fox terrier has been found the most effective in the destruction of rats, and many of these dogs have earned wonderful reputations as "ratters."

In the Refuge in Neuilly there is a dog named Toby, who has passed into the professional rat-killer class.

During his three years' service at the front, four thousand or more "dead ones" have been marked up to his credit, and all previous records have been smashed.

That the rat was not the only enemy that Toby encountered during his service for his country, is evidenced by his gimp. A stray bullet snipped one of his front feet off just below the knee, and now Toby is listed as "wounded but not inactive." He is the most agile three-footed tyke I ever saw, and sets the pace for all the other dogs in their gambols about the grounds.

The soldiers taught Toby many tricks, and on command he says his prayers, rolls over, plays dead, speaks (barks), sings and performs other "stunts" that are truly wonderful

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