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The Four Thayer's Brothers.

Third Massachusetts Cavalry.

Birth: December 19, 1846.
Death April 2, 1870.

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Charles S. Thayer, of Co, K, was born in South Braintree, Mass., Nov., 1846, where he enlisted in his country's service July 19th, 1864. He was the youngest of four brothers, all of whom gave up their life for their country : Two were killed in battle, and two died of disease, contracted in the army. He was honorably discharged on account of ill-health, August 15th, 1865. He died at the early age of twenty-three years, deeply regretted by all who knew him. The above-mentioned brothers, who, like him, laid down their lives on their country s altar, were Orderly Sergeant Loring W. Thayer, Company E, Thirty-second Regiment Massachusetts Infantry, killed before Petersburg, Va., George F. Thayer, Second Massachusetts Cavalry, killed at battle Five Forks, Va., Lucien M. Thayer, Forty-second Massachusetts Regiment, died after his return from the war.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Thirty-second Massachusetts Infantry. 

Birth: Jul. 10, 1839, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. 
Death: Sep. 30, 1864, Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

Thayer, Loring W. — Corpl. — Res. Braintree; 22; bootmaker; enl. and must. Dec. 2, 1861;  re-enlist. January 1, 1864, as Sergt.; killed Sept. 30, 1864, Poplar Spring Church, Va., as 1st. Sergt. See Co. "C" 4th Mass. Inf. (3 months), as Loring M. Thayer.

Thayer, Loring W. — Priv. — Res. South Braintree; 21; enl. April 16, 1861; must. April 22,
1861; must. out July 22, 1861. See Co. "E" 32d Mass. Inf.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Second Massachusetts Cavalry.

Birth: March 29, 1837.
Death: April 1, 1865.

Thayer, George F. — Priv. — Res. California; miner; 24; enl. and must. April 3, 1863; killed  April 1, 1865, Five Forks, Va.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Forty-second Massachusetts Infantry.

Thayer, Lucian M. — Priv. — Res. Braintree; boot maker; 20; enl. July 12, 1864; must. July 19,
1864; must, out Nov. 11, 1864.

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