Tuesday, November 04, 2014

William H. Jaquish.

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William H. Jaquish.

Birth: 1839.
Death: 1910.

Burial: Highland Union Cemetery, Highland Falls, Orange County, New York.

Massachusetts Third Cavalry, Regimental History.

William H. Jaquish, West Point, New York, Age 23, Single; Mariner. August 21, 1862ed May 20, 1865.

W. H. Jaquish was born in the town of Cornwall, now Highlands, Orange County, N. Y. Jan. 30,  1839. Enlisting in Company A, Aug., 1862, he joined the regiment at Lynnfield, and went to Baton Rouge, La.

Comrade Jaquish served during the siege of Port Hudson with credit to himself, and came out of the struggle with honor. He justly says: "That part of my life which I look back upon with the greatest pride and satisfaction are those years of 1861-1865, when I rode knee to knee with the sons of the Pilgrims and the Puritans, with carbine and sabre, in the grand old Third Mass.  Cavalry.

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