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Kentucky Confederate Soldiers Who Drowned.

These names and regiments are not in any order, they were put down as found.

Ninth Cavalry, Co. B.

A. J. Taylor,3rd.,Sergeant; Enlisted September 15,1862,at Carlisle,Kentucky.  Drowned at Mt. Sterling Kentucky,on Cluke's raid.

Ninth, Cavalry, Co. B.

A. J. Taylor, Private, Enlisted September 15,1862, at Carlisle,Kentucky.Drowned in Licking River,April 1,1862,on Cluke's raid to Mt. Sterling,Kentucky.

Ninth Cavalry Co. E.

W. S. McKinney, 3rd.,Corporal; Enlisted September, 1861,at Bowling Green Kentuchy.  Drowned in Drake's Creek, Kentucky, 1862.

Ninth Cavalry, Co. F.

George T. Hardin, Private; Enlisted July 15, 1862, at Georgetown, Kentucky.  Drowned in Ohio River,1863.

Ninth Cavalry, Co. E.

William Withers, Private; Enlisted January, 1863, at Smithsville,Tennessee, Drowned in Ohio River, July 19, 1863.

12th.,Cavalry, Co. ?

Maston Risner, Private; Enlisted October, 1863, at Mckinzic, Tennessee.  Drowned on his way home after the surrender.

15th., Cavalry, Co. A.

G. L. Bacon,Private; Enlisted January 10, 1863, at Mt. Pleasant.  Drowned in Duck River, March 3, 1863.

15th.,Cavalry, Co.A.

W. H. Pendieton, Private; Enlisted December 9, 1862,at Williamsport,Tennessee. Drowned in Duck River, May 3, 1863.

15th., Cavalry,Co. A.

Roobert McDonald, Private; Enlisted January 26, 1863,at Charlette.  Drowned near Cleveland, Tennessee, November 22, 1863.

John H. Morgan Staff.

St. Ledger Grentel, England, Colonel, A.  A. A. G.  Wounded at Cynthiana, Kentucky, July 17, 1862.  Captured on Ohio raid and drowned in escaping from prison at Day Tortugas, 1864.

Second Infantry, Co. B.
John S. Bridges, Private; Enlisted July 5,1862, at Camp Boone,Tennessee.  Accidentally.  drowned, February, 1865, in Congaree River near Columbia,Tennessee.

Second Infantry, Co. B. 

Asa Merrell,Private; Enlisted July 5, 1862, at Camp Boone, Tennessee.  Escaped capture at Fort Doneison; Joined Morgan's cavalry; Accidentally drowned.

Second Infantry, Co. H.

Conrad Bills,Private; Enlisted October 23, 1861, at Camp Taylor;  Wounded January 2,1863; Teamster; Accidentally drowned February, 1865.

Fourth Infantry, Co. D.

John L. Robinson, Private; Enlisted August 20, 1861, at Camp Burnett, while en rout for exchange, was drowned in Mississippi River opposite Helena Arkansas, September, 1862.

Fourth Infantry, Co.E.

Alfred Barnett,,, Private; Enlisted September 10, 1862, at Lexington, Kentucky.  Drowned in Alabama River, August, 1863.

Fourth Infantry, Co. H
Bartholemew Sullivan, Private; 5th., Sergeant; Enlisted August 10, 1861, at Camp Burnett; Promoted 2nd., Corporal; was accidentally drowned in Alabama River, September 22, 1862.

Sixth Infantry, Co. B.

O. M. Donald, 3rd., Corporal; Enlisted September 26, 1861, at Camp Green River, Kentucky; Appointed 3rd., Corporal, October 23, 1861; Was drowned in the Comite River,August 4, 1862.

Schoolfield Battery Artillery.

M. D. Peters, Private; Enlisted, 1852, Kentucky; Drowned while Battery was crossing Nola Chuck Creek in Tennessee.

Fifth Infantry, Co. I.

Henry Prewitt, Private; Enlisted September 10, 1862,at Georgetown,Kentucky.  Drowned  in Caney River in 1863.

Eight Infantry, Co. A.

Newton Veal, Private; Enlisted September 2,1862, at Fayette Kentucky.  Drowned at Lynchburg, Virginia.

Eight Infantry, Co. C.

Notly Maddox,Private;Enlisted September 10,1862,at Shelby Kentucky.  Drowned crossing Obeys River.

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