Friday, May 01, 2015

Two Streets of Oakland, Kansas.

I was going to list all the people living in Oakland, Kansas, in 1890 but there were just to many.  So I picked two streets.  I Picked Oakland Ave., and Kellam Ave. One I lived on the other my Grandparents lived on.

These names are in alphabetical order.

Kellam Ave.

W. S. Amos, Machinist.
John Clymer, Shoemaker.
John Cmmines, Nurseryman.
A. D. Gibbs, Bricklayer.
J. E. Glendenning, Carpenter.
James Griffith, Stonemason.
J. D. Hartzell Jr., Plasterer.
W. S. Hollister, Carpenter.
Joseph Hummer, Nurseryman.
Albert Iennis, Plasterer
Adalbert S. Iennis, Carpenter.
William W. Iennis, Carpenter.
W. W. Mitchell, Loan agent.
W. M. Nelson, Plasterer.
N. Olson, Nurseryman.
James T. Sargent, Carpenter.
George S. Sells, Teacher.
J. W. Siddell, Siddell & Hawkins.
S. A. Vail, Sewing machine agent.
George C. Wood, Clerk.

Oakland Ave.

H. C. Achison, Grocer.
J. F. Bigley, Clerk.
I. L. Burgher, Carpenter.
Uriah Carle, Machinist.
Laura Crane, Widow.
M. L. Creel, Carpenter.
Henry Eshe, Stonemason.
J. L. Gilbert, Medical Student.
C. E. Harwood, Bookkeeper.
J. T. James, Carpenter.
George G. Kungle, Nurseryman.
Kitty Kungle, Housekeeper.
A. B. Merrick, Clerk.
Carrie Merrick, School Teacher.
G. R. Merrick, Clerk.
L. B. Merrick, Nurseryman.
L. H. Morey, Hotel Keeper.
Sarah A. Norton, Widow.
Jacob Owen, Boiler maker.
Franklin Owen, Machinist.
O. R. Owen, Boiler maker.
N. P. Sund, Carpenter.
G, T. Williams, ??
W. L. Williams, ??
S. T. Wilson, Clerk.

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