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Harden's of Iowa, Civil War.

I just did a Surname post on soldiers from Georgia, Confederates and it was so will received  I decided to do other.

This time the Surname is Harden, and their soldiers from Iowa, Union.  If your researching the Harden's line I thank you will find this page interesting and helpful.

Iowa 2nd., Infantry, Co. B.

Harden, Harman. (Veteran.) Age 25. Residence Davenport, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Sept. 15, 1861. Mustered Sept. 15, 1861. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Dec. 24, 1863. See company B, Second Infantry Consolidated Battalion

Hardin, Hendman. (Veteran.) Age 25. Residence Liberty, nativity Ohio. Re-enlisted Dec. 23, 1863. Re-mustered Dec. 23, 1863. Mustered out July 12, 1865, Louisville, Ky. Transferred from company B, Second Battalion.

Iowa 2nd., Infantry, Co. D.

Harden, William S. Age 29. Residence Lexington, Ky., nativity Kentucky. Enlisted Nov. 28, 1861. Discharged to enable him to enlist in Mississippi Marine Brigade March 11, 1863, St. Louis, Mo.

Iowa 2nd., Veteran Infantry, B..

Harden, Herman or Hinman. (Veteran.) Age 27. Residence Davenport, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 22, 1863. Mustered Dec. 23, 1863. Transferred from company B, Second Infantry. See company B, Second and Third Consolidated.

Iowa 8th., Infantry, Co. G.

Harden, Isaac. Age 25. Residence Marengo, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Sept. 3, 1861. Mustered Sept. 20, 1861. Discharged March 16, 1863, Davenport, Iowa, for disability.

Iowa 10th., Infantry, Co. A.

Harden, Henry. Age 18. Residence Polk City, nativity Pennsylvania. Enlisted Aug. 21, 1861. Mustered Sept. 6, 1861. No further record.

Iowa 13th., Infantry, Co. G.

Harden, John C. Age 19. Residence Van Buren County, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Nov. 4, 1864. Mustered Nov. 4, 1864. Died of chronic diarrhoea May 15, 1865, Chattanooga, Tenn. Buried in National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn. Section G, grave 511.

Iowa 26th., Infantry, Co. A.

Harden, Amby M. Age 21. Residence Canton. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862., Mustered Sept. 30, 1862. Died of disease March 5, 1863, St. Louis,, Mo..aHwley,

Iowa 27th., Infantry, Co. A.

Harden, Warren D. Age 31. Residence Volney, nativity New York. Enlisted Aug. 3, 1862, as Third Sergeant. Mustered Sept. 3, 1862. Promoted First Sergeant May 29, 1863; Second Lieutenant July 5, 1865; not mustered. Mustered out Aug. 8, 1865, Clinton, Iowa.

Iowa 28th., Infantry, Co. C.

Harden, Thomas J. Age 18. Residence Montezuma, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862. Mustered Sept. 22, 1862. Mustered out July 31, 1865, Savannah, Ga.

Iowa 30th., Infantry, Co. D.

Harden, Samuel. Age 38. Residence Birmingham, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 19, 1862. Mustered Aug. 31, 1862. Mustered out June 5, 1865, Washington, D. C.

Iowa 1st., Cavalry, Co. L.

Harden, Alien A. Age 18. Residence Buchanan County, nativity New York. Enlisted Feb. 29, 1864. Mustered Feb. 29, 1834. Died of wounds Oct. 23, 1864, Little Rock, Ark.

Harden, Lyman. Age 25. Residence Toronto. Enlisted Sept. 22, 1864. Mustered out June 13, 1865, Memphis, Tenn.

Iowa 3rd., Cavalry, Co. G.

Harden, James M. Age 26. Residence Van Buren County, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 26, 1863. Mustered Jan. 5, 1864. Promoted Saddler. Mustered out Aug. 9, 1865, Atlanta, Ga.

Iowa 6th., Cavalry, Co. G.

Harden, Robert. Age 38. Residence Dubuque County, nativity England. Enlisted Oct. 6, 1864. Mustered Oct. 17, 1864. Mustered out Oct. 17, 1865, Sioux City, Iowa.

Iowa 35th., Infantry, Co. G.

Harden, John H. Age 23. Residence Muscatine County, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Sept. 4, 1862. Transferred to Invalid Corps Sept. 1, 1863. Mustered out July 11, 1865, Wheeling, West Va.

Harden, William. Rejected Sept. 4, 1862, by Mustering Officer.

Iowa 34th., Infantry, Co. E.

Harden, James. Age 25. Residence Chariton, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862. Mustered Oct. 15, 1862. Wounded Jan. 11, 1863, Arkansas Post, Ark. Discharged for disability April 3, 1863, Memphis, Tenn.

Iowa 34th., Infantry, Co. G.

Harden, Even S. Age 32. Residence New York, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug, 14. 1862. Mustered Oct. 15, 1862. Promoted Fourth Sergeant April 17, 1863. Reduced to Second Corporal Oct. 30, 1864. Transferred to Company C, Thirty-fourth Consolidated Battalion, Nov. 12, 1864.

Iowa 34th & 38th.,Consolidated, Co. C.

Harden, Even S. Age 32. Residence New York, nativity Ohio. Transferred from Company -C, Thirty-fourth Consolidated Battalion, as First Corporal, Jan. 1, 1865. Died of disease July 3, 1865, St. Louis, Mo.

Iowa 46th., Infantry, Co. I.

Harden, Abraham. Age 18. Residence Cedar County, nativity Ohio. Enlisted May 12,.1864. Mustered June 10, 1864. Mustered out Sept. 23, 1864, Davenport, Iowa, expiration of term of service.

Northern Border Brigade, Co. F.

Harden, William A. Age 18. Residence Spirit Lake, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Sept. 28, 1863. Mustered Oct. 14, 1863. Mustered out Dec. 25, 1863, Spirit Lake, Iowa.

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