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Henry L. & Herbert E. Larrabee.

Left Henry, right Herbert.
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Henry L. & Herbert E. Larrabee, father was Benjamin Larrabee, His first wife was Sally, his second wife was Maria.  Their Children was as following; George B., David A, Mary A., Caroline P., Herbert E., Henry L., Benjamin F., Larrabee. 

Henry L. Larrabee.

Birth: 1840.
Death: December 8, 1904.

Wife: Arabella "Curtis" Larrabee.
Married June 3, 1866.

Children: Nettie Maria Larrabee.

Burial, Massachusetts.

Herbert E. Larrabee.

Birth: 1837.
Death: 1895.

Wife: Sarah E. Larrabee.

Children: Frederick M. Larrabee.

Burial: Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Seventeenth Infantry, Co. B.
State Records.

Henry Luther Larrabee, Private, Residence South Danvers;  Occupation Shoemaker; Ag3 21; Enlisted July 10, 1861; Mustered in July 22, 1861; Mustered out August 3, 1864.

Herbert E. Larrabee; First Sergeant; Residence South Danvers; Occupation Morocco Dresser; Age 24; Enlisted May 10, 1861; Mustered in July 22, 1861; Discharged for disability, April 5, 1863, at Newbern North Carolina.

Morocco Dresser.

The person in this trade was some sort of a shoemaker or dealt with leather. 
"Morocco" was a type of goat skin leather that was much lighter in weight than what those of the days had been wearing.The "dresser" was the person who actually tanned or softened the leather.

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