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Matthew Y. Buchanan & family.


(Farmer and Stock-raiser).

Mr. Buchanan was born in Randolph county. Mo., April 5, 1838. His father, C. C. Buchanan, and mother, Elizabeth Jenkins, were natives of Tennessee, but moved to Missouri in the year of 1836.
They settled in Randolph county near Moberly, and entered land where the north-west portion now stands. The father died here July 9, 1881, aged 68 years, two months and 21 days. Matthew Y. was
next to the eldest of a family of seven children, of whom four, three sons and a daughter, are still living.

Their names were Luty J., Matthew Y., Cicero G., Cyrus W., Alonzo M., James H. and John T. Cicero, Cyrus and James died prior to the death of their father, the first named dying when young, the other two reached maturity, and graduated from college with high honors. Cyrus had chosen the profession of physician, while James had become a lawyer. Alonzo is a minister, and John T., who graduated from Commercial College, is now proving the value of his business course by keeping books.

During his youth Matthew Y. lived on the home farm, having all the advantages in education that the county afforded. In September, 1861, Mr. Buchanaa enlisted under Gen. Sterling Price, first in cavalry but principally as a private in the tenth Missouri infantry. He took part in the second fight at Boonville, Corinth, Miss., Helena,  Ark., and numerous smaller skirmishes. He fought with signal courage until 1863, when nearly all of his regiment was captured. For 20 months he was kept a prisoner at Fort Delaware and Alton ; then being exchanged, he returned to the service only to be again captured near Natchez, Miss. He was taken to Alton and not released until the close of the war.

Not long after, Mr. B. was married, in Randolph county, to Miss Mary Ficklin, daughter of Tyre and Louisa Baker. This estimable lady survived but one short year leaving an infant daughter, Ida Mary, who died September 24, 1875. After his marriage Mr. Buchanan made a home for himself on the farm where he now resides. He has nearly 150 acres of very valuable land adjoining the town of Moberly, all in good state of cultivation. He has besides about 105 acres of timbered land in the same vicinity.

His residence is a comfortable one, a  are his other buildings. In February, 1871, Mr. Buchanan was married a second time, the lady of his choice being Miss Sarah, daughter of Alexander and Martha T. Wisdom, of Macon county. There are five children : C. Earl, Katie M., Onie A., Walter C, and Claud. Mr. and Mrs. B. are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and take an active part in church matters. They are highly respected members of the community.

Author. Matthew Y. Buchanan Death was April 7, 1903.  Burial Sugar Creek Cemetery, Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri.

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