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Thomas J. Melvin, Illinois.

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Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: MELVIN, THOMAS J Rank: PVT. Company: C. Unit: 59 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: ELLISVILLE, FULTON CO, IL. Age: 29. Height: 5' 7. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Occupation: CARPENTER. Nativity: VA.

Service Record. Joined When: DEC 5, 1863. Joined Where: WHITESIDE, TN. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: JAN 12, 1864. Muster In Where: WHITESIDE, TN. Mustered Out: DEC. 8, 1865. Remarks: VETERAN PROMOTED COMMISSARY SERGEANT DEC 5, 1863 & TRANS TO NON COM STAFF. Remarks: PROMOTED COMMISSARY SERGANT OCT 1, 1862 REDUCED TO RANKS JUN 30, 1863 & REENLISTED AS A VETERAN. Remarks: REDUCED TO RANKS JUN 30, 1863 REAPPOINTED DEC 3, 1862.

Illinois Fifty-Ninth, Infantry, Regimental History.

Page 191, This morning the Acting Adjutant, Hale Phillips Adjutant West being on Colonel Post s brigade staff and the Commissary Sergeant, Thomas J. Melvin, obtained permission to return to Nashville on business.

On their way they overtook the train a few miles from Nashville. With the train was Captain Clayton Hale and Lieutenant Fred. Brasher, Quartermaster: the former returning to the regiment from a leave of absence, and the latter in charge of the train. Very soon after  the Adjutant and Commissary arrived at the train, and before they had dismounted from their horses they were surrounded by a large squad of rebel cavalry and all taken prisoners. Resistance was useless, as there was no guard with the train, and consequently they surrendered without an effort to escape. They were treated very kindly by their captors paroled and allowed to proceed to Nashville. 

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