Thursday, January 21, 2016

Benjamin Franklin Ward.

Benjamin Franklin Ward.

Birth: Apr. 1, 1845.
Death: May 18, 1873.

Burial: Smith Cemetery #2, Calloway County, Kentucky.

Kentucky Eighth Infantry, Co. F., Regimental History.

Benjamin F. Ward, Private, Enlisted October 24,, 1861, Mustered January  15, 1862, a t Lebanon, for 3 years.

Page 212,  As usual, every man in the regiment and brigade did his whole duty. B. F. Ward, Company F, an excellent shot, succeeded in silencing a  particularly annoying rebel sharpshooter, who had secreted himself in a niche of the irregular crown of the precipice. The rapidity of his shots were only accounted for by his comrades behind loading for him. Ben maneuvered until he obtained a position commanding a view of the annoying rebel's head. As the fog lifted above the mountain, Ben's unerring rifle cracked. The rapid shooter sprang forward, and fell on a ledge of rock twenty feet below. His hat, with a bullet hole in it, came to the base of the cliff. Ben lay there a long while, but no other daring rebel showed his head*at'that point.

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