Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Isaac Higgins.

Isaac Higgins.

Birth: Feb. 10, 1846, Switzerland County, Indiana.
Death: Apr. 24, 1918.

Parents:Elijah Higgins (1813 - 1880),

Wife: Susan Brindley Park (1856 - 1934).

Children: James Higgins (1883 - 1950).

Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery, Moorefield, Switzerland County. Indiana.

Indiana Third Cavalry ( Forty-Fifth ) Regiment, Co, F & B., Reorganized, Regimental History.

Page 69,  Isaac Higgins, of Company F, was captured by having his bridle rein seized by a rebel cavalryman near the river bank some distance below the ford. While being led away captive, his pistol, cocked, was held by him under his coat cape, and in an unguarded moment he shot his captor, whirled his horse  and leaped into the river and escaped.  

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