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Thomas Gilbert Weston

Thomas Gilbert Weston.

Birth: unknown.
Death: Feb. 22, 1881, Chapin, Franklin County, Iowa.
Burial: Old Chapin Cemetery, Chapin, Franklin County, Iowa.

Thomas G. Weston was 26, and living in Chapin, Franklin Co., Iowa, when he enlisted as a 6th Corporal in Co. L of the 4th Iowa Cavalry on Dec 2, 1861. He was mustered into federal service on Dec 24, 1861. He was reduced in rank to 8th Corporal, but then promoted to 7th Corporal on Jan 29, 1862; to 5th Corporal on May 10, 1862; to 4th Corporal on Feb 14, 1863; to 3rd Corporal (Musician) on March 1, 1863; to 2nd Corporal on Sept 1, 1863; and finally to 1st Corporal on July 1, 1864. He mustered out of the service in Memphis on Dec 24, 1864, when the term of his enlistment expired.

Iowa State Records.

Weston, Thomas Gilbert. Age 26. Residence Chapin, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 2, 1861, as Sixth Corporal. Mustered Dec. 24, 1861. Reduced to Eighth Corporal. Promoted Seventh Corporal Jan. 29, 1862; Fifth Corporal May 10, 1862; Fourth Corporal Feb. 14, 1863; Third Corporal March 1, 1863; Second Corporal Sept. 1, 1863; First Corporal July 1, 1864. Mustered out Dec. 24, 1864, Memphis, Tenn., expiration of term of service.

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