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Benjamin Thomas Cushing.

Benjamin Thomas Cushing.

Birth: Sep. 10, 1833.
Death: Nov. 4, 1872.

Parents: Benjamin Cushing (1807 - 1882) Nancy Swain Cushing (1812 - 1886).

Wife: Julla E. Jacobs.
Married Oct. 2, 1867.

Siblings: Benjamin Thomas Cushing (1833 - 1872) Pluma V Cushing Maxham (1837 - 1870) Nancy Adelaide Cushing (1847 - 1876) Jason Roscoe Cushing (1852 - 1890).

Burial: City Cemetery Conneaut Ashtabula County Ohio.

Benjamin Thomas Cushing was born in Conneaut, Ohio, September 10. 1839, was educated at Kingsvllle Academy; enlisted in Company G, was appointed sergeant, and was In continuous service as such until Septembers, 1863. when he was wounded in the ankle, during the famous charge of the regiment at Chlckamauga. He remained on the field until the following Saturday, his wound being dressed on Friday for the first time. He was in hospital until June 28. 1864. when he was discharged. He was admitted to the bar and elected Probate Judge of Ashtabula County, in 1868: re-elected in IMP. but resigned before the expiration of his term because of ill health and died of consumption November 4, 1872. at Chat field. Minn. He was a most exemplary man and faithful soldier.

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