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Robert N. Brady.

BRADY, ROBERT N., was born In this State In 1840, in what Is now Fulton County. He was born and raised on a farm which his father owned not far from where Atlanta now Is. Prior to the Civil War, Mr. Brady bought a pair of horses and a pair of mules and with a big wagon of merchandise, started out to trade in live stock and merchandise. He came to this section during the war, and married Miss Ann Marshall, of Berrien County, by whom he had two sons, Samuel H., and John Brady.

When O'Steen's company was organized In Homervllle for service In the Confederate Army, Mr. Brady, together with his brothers, joined this company, serving until 1865. Returning home he opened up a store at Lawton, which he ran until his election as sheriff of Clinch County In 1872.

In this election he defeated James North. Mr. Brady was commissioned January i8th, 1873. In 1874 he was killed by some parties who lived In the vicinity of the Okefinokee Swamp. Mr. Brady had a warrant for a party who lived in the neighborhood of the swamp, and after pursuing his man as far as the Everglades In Florida, captured him and carried him to Live Oak, Fla., and put him in jail, as Clinch County had no jail then.

He returned home on a Friday night and at dinner the next day was called from his table by parties In front of his house, and as he emerged through the door was shot In the chest before he could hardly recognize his assailants. The sheriff's brother, Lewis J. Brady, was at the house at the time, and came out and engaged the crowd who proved to be relatives and confederates of the man whom the sheriff had arrested. Lewis J. Brady was shot in the abdomen and died in a few minutes.

The sheriff lingered after this for three months and six days and died from the effects of the shot in his breast. He could not speak above a whisper from the time he was shot until he died. Thus ended the life of a brave officer of the law, faithful to every trust.

C. S. A.

Brady, Robert N.—Private Mar. 4, 1862. Captured at Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1863. Paroled. (Born in 1840.)

Pvt Robert N. Brady. Birth: 1840. Death: 1874.

Burial: Prospect Church Cemetery, Du Pont, Clinch County, Georgia.

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