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A Invite To Ships Of The World In War-1792-1815

I would like to invite you to my new web site called ( Civil War Days & Those Surnames.) but don't let the title fool you it's not just about the Civil war, it's much more. This site not only deals with the Civil War but all the American Wars, up to the Spanish-American war and the surnames that go with it be it American or British or any other nation.

I'm here to tell you about my new page I just posted it's called ( Ships of the World-1792-1815 ) It has a listing of over nine hundred ships American, British and other nations. I invite you to come and look it over. If you are looking for a ship this is the site for you it also deals with the men that were impressed from these ships, so if you are looking into your family and need some imformation on a ship this site maybe a help to you. Below you well see some of the information that can be provided to you. I hope to hear from soon.

Note. Those of you who are just interrested in the Genealogy part of the family and don't think this site is for you, how wrong could you be just as the Ware family was and how surprise they were when they found out their g-g-g-grandfather had a daughter and son by a Mulatto slave.

Then there's the Strachhan, Strahan, Strawhan family and how they found out they had a family mumber put in a orphanage by his father and later bounded himself to learn to be a waterman (Seamen) and was to join British navy only later to desert from His Majesty ship the Melampus to join the U. S. Navy. All ths information was found by looking up a ship name, so you see this site has something for ever one, come and see.

Dennis Segelquist Military & Civilian Surname Searcher

Note. All the information here and my web site comes from the Library of Congress, American Foreign Relations, Vol. 1-6.

Affidavit of Robert Stanley, master of the schooner Adelaide, of Baltimore, dated Baltimore, 1st June, 1796. On a voyage from Jacmel, the said schooner was captured by the British ship of war Argonaut, Captain Ball, and sent to Jamaica. On making the capture, all the men were taken out of the schooner, but restored at Jamaica. Whilst she continued at Jamaica, Lemuel Brown and Joseph Richards, both natives, and William Jones, a citizen of the. United States, were impressed by the British ship of war Jamaica, Captain Bingham. But they were afterwards restored.

James Brown and John Cloak, British subjects, impressed off the Grand Key, Bahamas, and carried on board the British ship of war Dictator, commanded by Weston, Esquire, from on board the brigantine Adventure, Jerermiah Greenman, master.

Francis Gibbons, a native of France, married and resident at New London, in
Connecticut, was taken by French authority at Rochefort, from on board the ship dward, of this port, Metcalf Bowler, master.

1794, The ship George, Captain, Symes was captured by the frigate La Galathie, and carried into Morlaix in January last her papers and crew were wrested from her.

On Feb. 12, 1797, the British ship of war Dictator stopped the American Brig Prosper, William Broad master and took three men from Prossia and one from Sweden from her.

On April 11, 1797, the British ship of war the Woolwick took one man from Denmark off the Schooner Betsey.

On March 15, 1797, a Englishman by the name of William Ingren was taken from the American Brig Sally and impressed to the British ship the Roebock.

Note. there will be other information such as the Captain or Mates name and the names of those taken off the ships and impressed, some times added information well be Owner or company's names and the cargo.

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