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Privates Of The Civil War.

I have put out a lot of information on officers and the Civil War, at Roots Web. com, over the years so I have decided to do a page on my site on privates only. I will give as much information as I can but the information on some of these regiments is hard to find. If you have any questions you may at: dsegelquist1@cox.net.

Note. This will be and open page If you have any information on any of the men here let me know and I will add it , and if you have a private in the family and would like to add it let me know, please only Privates. You will be given credit for the information.


1. Samuel H. Moore, private of company G. of the fifty-seventh regiment of the Ohio Veteran Volunteers Infantry. Was entered on the rolls of his company as having deserted in Januray of 1863, but the evidence showed that he had not deserted but was captured by the enemy. After his release as a paroled prisoner he rejoined his regiment and served til the regiment was mustered out of service.

2. Seth M. Whitten, private of company K., fourth regiment of the Michigan Infantry, it is stated that he deserted but the evidence showed that wasn't so and was allowed all his back pay.

3. George C. Petrie, private of the seventeenth Michigan Infantry Volunteers. His widow Mary Petrie would receive his pension of eight dollars per month.

4. Samuel Shuler, private of company E., of the sixth-first regimentof the Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers. Samuel Shuler is from Butler county of the town Harmony in the State of Pennsylvania, he is to receive a pension of eight dollars per month.

5. Caleb H. Gruk, private of the First regiment of the Michigan Infantry Volunteers. He had been showen as a deserted however the evidence showed he had not, and now he's deceased his father Samuel Gruk will receive all back pay and pension.

6. John Eaton, private of company K., eighteenth regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteers. He was charged with desertion or absence with out leave. But the evidence showed that not to be true and was given a honrable discharge.

7. George Frederick Gorham, private of company B., of the twenty-ninth Massachusetts vlounteer infantry. He went insane his father John J. Gorham was appointed his guardin. His mother was Eliza a (Farwell ) Gorham.

8. James C. Livingston, private of company E., third Iowa regiment volunteer infantry he had an honorable discharge.

9. Samuel Shaffer, private of company I., of the seventy-eighth regiment Pennsylvania volunteer infantry.

10. Samuel Shuler of Harmony, Butler county Pennsylvania private of company E., of the sixth-first regiment Pennsylvania infantry volunteers.

11. George S. Gustin private of company D., of the seventy-fourth regiment of the Illionis infantry volunteers.

12. John McLaughlin, private of company H., of the twenty-sixth regiment Missouri infantry volunteers.

13. William South, private of company H., of the twenty-sixth regiment Missouri infantry volunteers.

14. William Davis, private company E., of the one hundred and third regiment of Pennsylvaniainfantry volunteers. Mother was Susan Davis.

15. John T. Shears, private company H., of the fifty-seventh regiment of the Illinois infantry. Widow was Harriet E. Shears.

16. Enos B. Conver private of company A., of the twenty-fifth regiment Illinois infantry volunteers.

17. Edward Tucker, private of company F., Second regiment Maryland infantry volunteers.

18. Henry Miser, private of company C., of the forty-third regiment Ohio infantry volunteers.

19. James Mercer private of company H. regiment seventy-first Ohio infantry volunteers.

20. John Connolly, private of company A., sixth regiment United States infantryy.


21. Henry Willman, private of the third regiment of the Indiana Volunteer cavalry. He was payed two hundred dollars for two horses and some equiment he lost at a battle in Virginia.

22. Barney McCabe, private of company I., of the tenth regiment of the New York cavarly volunteers, He was decsaed on July 14, 1863. His widow Roslinda McCabe would receive a pension of eight dollars per month with and additional two hundal dollars per month for their children they had three, William born October 12, 1859, Charles Edwin bron January 29, 1861 and Emily Jane McCabe born May 14, 1863.

23. Charles F. Vangilder, private of company M., First regiment Vermont Heavy arttillery volunteers. He died on May 6, 1864. His widow Esther C. C. Vangilder was left with three children, Charles Albert born November 17, 1857, Martha Rosell born June 8, 1961 and Hosea Rosell Vangilder born February 21, 1865. Esther would receive a pension of eight dollars per month with a additional two hundred dollars per month for each child til the age of sixteen.

24. John Q. A. Keck, private of the third Missouri cavalry.

25. William Vails, private of company C., third regiment Indiana volunteers.

26. James J. Hiles, private of the third regiment Missouri cavalry.

27. Daniel S, Webb private of company G., Eighth Tennessee cavalry. His widow was Eliza Webb.

28. James Ferguson, private in company C., of the first Kentucky cavalry. His widow was Malinda Ferguson.

29. Justus F. Jones, private of company E., seventh regiment Iowa infantry volunteers.

30. John E. Hall, private of companty C., second regiment Wisconsion cavalry. His widow was Mary E. Hall.

31. Samuel Tipton, private of company H., thirteen Tennessee cavalry. His widow was Nacny Tipton.


32. William P. Ammen, private second Indiana battery light artillery.

33. Abel S. Chase, private twenty-fourth battery of the Indiana artillery volunteers.

34. George C. Round, private of compamy G., first Connecticut artillery.

35. William H. Johnson, private of compamy I., fourteenth regiment New York artillery volunteers.

36. Frederick Walter, private of company A., fourth United States artillery.

37. Charles F. Vangilder, private company M., first regiment Vermont Heavy artillery.

38. W. H. Cox, private company I., second regiment Pennsylvania artillery. He died of a disease while a prison at Andersonville, Georgia, his father was Charles D. Cox.

39. William H. H. anderson, private company B., first heavy artillery Indiana volunteers.

40. Archibald Irwin, private of battery C., first regiment Rhode Island, light artillery. He was reported missing after the battle of Gaines's Mills June 27, 1862, it is believe he was killed in that battle. His wife was Rebecca Irwin.

41. John Moriarty, private of Boston Massachusetts company K., third United States artillery.

42. Chancy D. Poore, private of battery G., first New York light artillery.

43. Daniel Hustus, private of the sixteenth Maine heavy artillery.

44. Henry C. Hirst, private of company I., third regiment of the one hundred and fifty-second Pennsylvania volunteers.

45. Charles P. Miller, private of the seventh regiment of infantry, battery E. fifth artillery.

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