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Pensioners Of The United States-1776. Page 2.

This is page two of the United State pensioners I will continue the count from page one. Most of these names are from the revolutionary war however some may be of the Indian wars. These names were placed on the rolls in 1796, many were already on the list but put on the the new list as many were asking Congress for allowance and arrearges due them. As with page one I will put a star by each name that has more information and from time to time I will put the information for the name so you can see what kind of information you may receive. If you have any questions on these two pages or any of my post at this site feel free do do so I look forward to hearing from you.

State of Vermont.

210. *Elijah Barnes, Private, one-fourth pension.

211. *Elijah Bennett, Private, half pension.

212. *Gideon Brownson, Major, Full pension.

213. *Thomas Brush, Private, one-fourth pension.

214. *David Brydia Privaie, half pension.

215. *Nathan Burr, Private, half pension.

216. *James Campbell, Private, half pension.

217. *Oliver Darling, Private, five-eighths pension.

218. *Samuel Eyres, Private, one-fourth pension.

219. *Asa Gould, Private, half pension.

220. *Benjamin Gould, Private, half pension.

221. Amasa Grover was was from Bethel Vermont, he was in the militia as a private under Colonel Grovenor, he was wounded at Morrisiana on March 3, 1782, he was wounded by a musket ball in the neck. He would receive a one-third pension.

222. *William Hazeltine, Private, half pension.

223. *Jonathan Haynes, Private, two-thirds pension.

224. *Zinri Hill, Private, half pension.

225. *William Hunt, Private, half pension.

226. *Elijah Knight, Private, one-fourth pension.

227. *William Martin, Private, two-thirds pension.

228. *Pliny Pomeroy, Private, four-fifths pension.

229. *Moses Saunderson, Private, two-thirds pension.

230. John Stark was from Rutland in the county of Pawlett, he was in the militia as a Captain under Colonel Brownson's, he was wounded on August 16, 1777, at Bennington, he was wounded in the right thigh by a ball shot. He would receive a one-fourth pension.

231. *Thomas Torrance, Private, half pension.

232. *Benjamin Tower, Private, two-thirds pension.

233. *William Waterman, Private, one-third pension.

234. John Wilson was from Windor county he was a sergeant in Gen. Washington's life guard, he was wounded at Monmounth on June 27, 1778, he was wounded in his right arm by a musket ball. He would receive a one-third pension he was discharged on December 11, 1782.

State of New York.

235. Thomas Baldwin, Sergeant, half pension, Althouugh he's on the pension roll but I could find nothing on him.

236. Abraham Blauvet or Blauvett was from Orange county, he was a private in the militia under Lieutenant Colonel Cooper, He was wounded in October of 1778, at Orangetown. He was wounded by a bayonet in his breast and by a ball in his left thigh. He would receive a full pension.

237. *Thomas Brooks, Private, three-fourth pension.

238. *Duncan Campbell, Lieutenant, half pension.

239. *William Champenois, Private, three-fourth pension.

240. *Russell Chappell, Private, half pension.

241. *Jeremiah Everett, Private, half pension.

242. *Samuel Miller, Private, full pension.

243. *Jared Palmer, Sergeant, half pension.

244. *Stephen Powell, Private, one-sixteenth pension.

245. *John Rogers, Private, half pension.

246. William Smith Scudder was from West Chester, he was a private under General Putman. on March 3, 1778, he lost two fingers and the use of both hands as they were frozen in a snow storm when he went with men to Long Island, in a boat to take certain pieces of ordnance that had belonged to the enemy's shipping. He would receive half a pension.

247. *James Slater, Private, half pension.

248. *John Vtters, Private, three-fourth pension.

249. *John Vaughan, Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

250. *Asa Virgil or Virgill, the roll records state he's a private but the court records of New York state he's a corporal, he received a one-fourth pension.

State of New Jersey.

251. *William Crane, Lieutenant, ful pension.

252. *William Oliver, Lieutenant, two-thirds pension.

253. *Joel Phelps, Private, half pension.

254. *Samuel Taylor, Corporal, two-thirds pension.

State of Pennsylvania.

254. *John Cardiffe, Private, full pension.

255. *Josiah Conckling, Private, half pension.

256. *William Dewitt, Private, half pension.

257. *Thomas Eagan, Matross, half pension.

258. *Jacob Fox, Private, one-third pension.

259. *Alexander Garrett, Private, half pension.

260. *Samuel Gilman or Gilmore, Private half pension.

261. Adam Godenberger, Private, one-fourth pension, there is no information on him.

262. *John Haley, Corporal, three-fourths pension.

263. *David Hickey, Private, full pension.

264. Lawrence Hipple was from Pikeland in Chester county, he was a private in the 4th., battalion of the Penn. militia. He was wounded in 1777,near Derby in Chester county. He was wounded by a musket ball which passed through his body. He was in an engagement with a party of British troops near the town of Derby. He would reeive a pension of one -half.

265. *Nathaniel Hubble, Major, two-thirds pension.

266. *Philip Laver, Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

267. *Charles M'Cormick, Private, full pension.

268. *William M'Hatton, Lieutenant, full pension.

269. *Michael Orner, Private, one-fourth pension.

270. *Griffth Rees, Private, half pension.

271. *Thomas Richart, Private, full pension.

272. *Edward Wade, Private, half pension.

273. *Thadeus Williams, Private, one-fourth pension.

274. John Wright was from Mifflin county, he enlisted April 7, 1778, for the war. He was a sergeant in Colonel Lee's dragoons. He was wounded in the knee when in a skirmish with the ememy which disable him so much that he is not able to perform more then one-half the labor he otherwise could have done. He would receive a pension of half.

State of Delaware.

275. *Donald M'Donald, Corporal, full pension.

State of Maryland.

276. *John Bean, Private, half pension.

277. *William Ormond, Private, three-fourth pension.

State of Virginia.

278. *John Bell, Lieutenant, three-fourths pension.

279. *David Welch, Private, full pension.

State of Kentucky.

280. *James Speed, Lieutenant, full pension.

State of North Carolina.

281. *John Benton, Private, full pension.

282. *George Bledsoe, Private, full pension.

283. *Thomas Chiles, Captain, two-thirds pension.

284. *James Christin, Private, half pension.

285. *Robert Harris, Private, full, pension.

286. *John Knowles, Private, two-thirds pension.

287. *James Smith, Private, full pension.

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