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Pensioners Of The United States-1776. Page 1.

These men were put on the pension rolls in 1796, in the beginning I was going to put all the information I had on these names here however I find I would fell my web site with the information so I will put a star by each name that has more information. However I will give information on some of the names so you will know what kind of information you will receive. If you don't see a family member here I have many other pension lists. If you have any questions on this page or any other pages on my web site you can write to me at.

Note. Some of you may want to know where my information comes from in this case most of it will come from The Library of Congress Claims department or other Congress departments.

State of Maine.

1. *Daniel Brawn-Private,two-thirds pension.

2. *John Knowles-Private, one-third pension.

3. *Ebenezer Phinney was from Gorham Maine he enlisted Jan. 1, 1777, he was under Col. Brewer's. In 1777 near Saratoga he was wounded in his foot by the accidental dischage of a gun which occasioned and amputation of two of his toes. He was discharged Jan. 1, 1780 with a one-fourth pension.

State of New Hampshire.

1. *Jonas Adams-Private, one-third pension.

2. *Andrew Aiken, Sergeant Major, three-fourths pension.

3. *Caleb Aldrish, Sergeant, full pension.

4. Caleb Austin, Private, one-third pension. In 1818-19 he was asking Congress for a increas in his pension but then in late 1819 was asked to withdraw his papers.

5. *John Barter, Sergeant, half pension.

6. Archelaus Batchelder was from Wilton New Hampshire. He was a Sergeant-Major under Col. Nichols's of the militia, he was wounded by a musket ball on August 16, 1777, at Bennington which passed through his body. He was to received a one-half pension.

7. *Ebenezer Bean, Private, one half pension.

8. *Job Britton or Briton, Private, one-third pension.

9.*Ebenezer Carleton, Private, three-fourths pension.

10. *Levi Chubbock, Fifer, one-fourth pension.

11. *Edward Clark, Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

12. *Morrell Coburn, Private,one-fourth pension.

13. *Richard Colony, Private,half pension.

14. *Ebenezer Copp, Sergeant, full pension.

15. *William Curtiss, Private, half pension.

16. *James Crombie, Lieutenant, full pension.

17. *Henry Danforth, Private, half pension.

18. *James Dean, Private half pension.

19. Lemuel Dean was from Claremont New Hampshire he enlisted on March 3, 1777, for three years. He was a private under Col. Cilley's. On June 20, 1778, he was wounded at Moumouth in the neck by a musket ball which occasions a loss of hearing in his right ear and has difficulty speaking. He was discharged March 3, 1780, with a one-half pension.

20. *Thomas Eastman,Private,three-fourth pension.

21. *Ebenezer Fletcher, Fifer, Private, one-fourth pension.

22. *James Ford,Captain, half pension.

23. *Stephen Fuller, Private, one-third pension.

24. *Moses Sweat George, Private, half pension.

25. *Joshua Gilman, Private, two-thirds pension.

26. *Windsor Gleason, Private, one-fourth pension.

27. *Joseph Greely, Private, one-fourth pension.

28. *Joseph Green, Private, half pension.

29. *Joshua Haynes, Private, half private, half pension.

30. Joseph Hilton, Lieutenant, Although he got a pension of one hale there is no information in claims about his claim.

31. *Nathan Holt, Private, one-fourth pension.

32. *Jonathan Holten, Lieutenant, half pension.

33. Caleb Hunt, Private, half pension.

34. *Humphrey Hunt, Private, one-fourth pension.

35. *Charles Huntoon Jr., Private, one third pension.

36. *Zadock Hurd, Private, one third pension.

37. *Ebenezer Jennigs, Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

38. *Peter Johnson, Private, 0ne-fourth pension.

39. *Thomas Kimball, Private, one-fifth pension.

40. *Abraham Kimball, Private, half pension.

41. *Benjamin Kinght, Sergeant, one-third pension.

42. *John Kinght, Private, half pension.

43. *Johathan Lake, Corporal, half pension.

44. *John Lapish, Privaet, one-fourth pension.

45. *Nathaniel Leavitt, Corporal, half pension.

46. *John Lincoln, Private, one-fourth pension.

47. *Joshua Lovejoy, Sergeant, half pension.

48. *William Lowell, Sergeant, three-fourths pension.

49. *Jonathan Margery, Private, two-thirds pension.

50. *James Moore, Private, full pension.

51. *Samuel Morrell, Private, two-fifths pension.

52. *Joseph Moss, Private, two-thirds pension.

53. *Jotham Nute, Sergeant, half pension.

54. *Phinehas Parkhurst, Fifer, full pension.

55. Amos Pierce was from Westmorland New Hampshire he was in the militia as a Lieutenant under Col. Nichols's. He was wounded at Bennington in August of 1777, he took a ball in his left hand, after he returned from service was taken speechless and also nine-tenths of the time he's in a state of delirium. The Physicians are doubtful its from his wound but could be if so he's entitled to full pension. He was put on the pension rolls in 1796, at one-third pension.

56. Silas Pierce, Lieutenant, half pension.

57. *Joel Porter, Private, one-fourth pension.

58. *Samuel Potter, Sergeant, half pension.

59. *Thomas Pratt, Private, half pension.

60. *Jeremiah Pritchard or Prichard, Lieutenant, half pension.

61. *Asa Putney, Sergeant, half pension.

62. *Charles Rice, Private, half pension.

63. *John Smith, Sergeant, half pension.

64. *Samuel Stocker, Private, half pension.

65. *William Taggart, Ensign, half pension.

66. *Eliphalet Taylor, Private, one-third pension.

67. *Ebenezer Tinkham, Private, one-third pension.

68. *John Varnum, Private, half pension.

69. *Edward Waldo, Lieutenant, two-thirds pension.

70. *Weymounth Wallace, Private, half pension.

71. *Josiah Walton, Private, one-third pension.

72. *Jacob Wellman Jr., Private, one-fourth pension.

73. *Francis Whitcomb, Private, one-third pension.

74. *Robert B. Wilkins, Private, two-thirds pension.

75. *Jonathan Willard, Ensign, one-fourth pension.

76. *Seth Wyman, Private, one-fourth pension.

States of Massachusetts.

77. *Thomas Alexander, Captain, half pension.

78. *Ephraim Bailey, Private, half pension.

79. *Robert Bancroft, Private, one-sixth pension.

80. *James Batcheldor, Private, one-fourth pension.

81. *James Campbell, Private, one-fourth pension.

82. *Caleb Chadwick, Private, one-fourth pension.

83. *Barnabas Chapman, Private, one-third pension.

84. *Richard Chase, Private, half pension.

85. *Joseph Coxe, Sergeant, two-thirds pension.

86. *Thomas Corwell, Private, full pension.

87. *Levi Farnsworth, Private, half pension.

88. *Benjamin Farnum, Captain, one-third pension.

89. *Moses Fitch, Private, one-fifth pension.

90. *Frederick Follett, Private, half pension.

91. *Joseph Frost, Private, one-eighth pension.

92. *Uriah Goodwin, Private, one fourth pension.

93. Joseph Hale was from Hardwick Massachusetts he enlisted in the militia on April 12, 1777, for three years. He was a private under Col. Lee's and in Captain Lyman's Company. He was wounded at New Port Rhode Island on August 29, 1778, he was wounded by a musket ball passing through his right arm. He was discharged on April 12, 1780, with a half pension.

94. *Gamaliel Handy, Private, two-thirds pension.

95. *Peter Hemenway, Private, half pension.

96. *Jesse Holt, Corporal, one eighth pension.

97. *Job Lane, Private, half pension.

98. *Ebenezer Learned, Colonel, one-fourth pension.

99. *Moses M'Farland, Captain, one-third pension.

100. *Hugh Maxwell was from Heath Massachusetts, he was a Captain under Colonel Prescott's, was wounded on June 17, 1775, at Bunker's Hill, was wounded by a musket ball in his right shoulder. He would receive a commutation as a Lieutenant-Colonel, his pension would be one-eighth.

101. *John Maynard, Lieutenant, one-tenth pension.

102. *Tilley Mead, Private, one-fourth pension.

103. *Elisha Munsell, Private, half pension.

104. *John Nixon, Colonel, one-third pension.

105. *Timothy Northam, Private, one-third.

106. *Joseph Peabody, Private, one-third pension.

107. *Amos Pearson, Sergeant, one-fifth pension.

108. *Abner Pier, Private, half pension.

109. *Job Priest, Ensign, One-third pension.

110. *Amasa Scott, Private, one-fourth pension.

111. *Robert Smith, Private, two-thirds pension.

112. *Silvanus Snow, Private, one-third pension.

113. *Cesar Sprague, Private, half pension.

114. *Samuel Warner, Private, half pension.

115. *William Warren, Lieutenant, one-third pension.

116. *Samuel Willington, Private, half pension.

117. Nauham Wright was from Medfield Massachusetts he was appointed Sergeant November 6, 1776, he was under Colonel Brewer's of the militia. He was wounded at Bunker's Hill on June 17, 1775, he was wounded by a musket ball in the thigh and now has a ulcerous sore in his right leg. He resigned on October 28, 1777, with a one-eighth pension.

State of Rhode Island.

118. *Clark Albro, Private, one-fourth pension.

119. *John Baggs Jr., Sergeant, one-third pension.

120. *Robert Cars, Private, half pension.

121. *Jonathan Davenport, Private, one twenty-fourth pension.

122. *Nathan Jaquays, Private, one-third pension.

123. *William Lunt, Private, half pension.

124. George Popple was from Hopkinton county of Washington, he was a Sergeant of the 1St., Rhode Island Battalion. He enlisted May 1, 1777, and was underColonel Green's regiment. He was wounded at Red Bank on October 22,1777, he was wounded in his right thigh by a musket ball, which he received in a engagement with the Hessian troops. He would receive a one-eighth pension.

124. *Job Snell, Private, one-fourth pension.

125. *Edward Vose, Sergeant, one-sixth pension.

State of Connecticut.

126. *Theodore Andrus, full pension.

127. *Samuel Andrus, Corporal, half pension.

128. *William Bailey, Private, one-fourth pension.

129. *Robert Bailey, Private, one-fourth pension.

130. *Job Bartram, Captain, half pension.

131. *Francis Baxter, Private, three-fourths pension.

132. *Enos Blakesly, Private, full pension.

133. *David Blackman, Private, two-thirds pension.

134. Elijah Boardman, Sergeant, three-fourths

135. *Jonathan Bowers, Corporal, half pension.

136. *Aner or Abner Bradley or Bradly, Sergeant or Private, half pension.

137. *Jedediah Brown, Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

138. *Isaac Buel, Private, one-third pension.

139. *Oliver Burnham Sergeant, one-fourth pension.

140. *William Burritt, Private, one-fourth pension.

141. *John Chappell, Private, one-third pension.

142. *Elisha Clark, Private, one-fourth pension.

143. *Jonah Cook, Private, half pension.

144. *Henry Cone, Private,one-fourth pension.

145. Simon Crosby, Private, half pension.

146. *Prince Dennison, Private, half pension.

147. *Israel Dibble, Private, one-third pension.

148. *Gershom Dorman, Private, one-third pension.

149. *Joseph Durman, Corporal, three-fourths pension.

150. *Henry Filmore, Private, half pension.

151. *Samuel French, Private, half pension.

152. *Burr Gilbert, Corporal, two-thirds pension.

153. *David Hall Jr., Sergeant, half pension.

154. *Nathan Hawley, Corporal, one-third pension.

155. *Daniel Hewith, Sergeant, one-third pension.

156. *Isaac Higgins, Private, half pension.

157. *Thurston Hilliard, Private, one-third pension.

158. *Thomas Hobby, Major, half pension.

159. *John Horseford, Private, one-eighth pension.

160. *Benjamin Howd, Private, three-fourths pension.

161. *Elijah Hoyt, Private, half pension.

162. *David Hubbel, Private, half pension.

163. *Enoch Jacobs, Private, three-fourths pension.

164. *Robert Jeroin, Fifer, one-fourth pension.

165. *AAron Kelsey, Lieutenant, one-fourth pension.

166. *Lee Lay, Captain, one-sixth pension.

167. *John Ledyard, Private, three-fourths pension.

168. *William Leeds, Lieutenant, half pension.

169. *Naboth Lewis, Private, two-thirds pension.

170. *Nathaniel Lewis, Private, one-fourth pension.

171. *George Lord, Private, half pension.

172. *Samuel Loomis, Corporal, one-fourth pension.

173. *Jeremiah Markham, Sergeant, half pension.

174. *Allyn Marsh, Corporal, half pension.

175. *Josiah Merryman, Corporal, two-thirds pension.

176. Stephen Minor or Miner, was from New London Connecticut, he was in the militia under Colonel Ledyard. He was a soldier and quarter gunner of Ledyard's matrosses. He was wounded at Fort Trumbull in 1779, had his wrist broken so that it is much distorted and his arm withered, he received a half pension.

177. *Justus Munn, Private, half pension.

178. *Elnathan Norton, Private, three-fourth pension.

179. *Joseph Otis, Private, half pension.

179. *Thomas Parmelee, Sergeant, one-eighth pension.

180. *Chandler Pardie, Private, seven-eighth pension.

181. *Frederick Platt, Private, one-third pension.

182. *Daniel Preston, Private, one-third pension.

183. *David Ranney, Private, three-fourths pension.

184. *Solomon Reynolds, Private, two-thirds pension.

185. *Isaac Richards, Private, two-thirds pension.

186. *Samuel Rossetter, Private, half pension.

187. *Elijah Royce, Private, three-fourths pension.

188. *Elihu Sabin, Private, half pension.

189. *Samuel Sawyer, Private, half pension.

190. *Nathaniel Seribher, Captain, one-fourth pension.

191. *Thomas Shepherd, Private, one-fourth pension.

192. *Amos Skeel, Private, one-third pension.

193. *Heber Smith, Sergeant, half pension.

200. *Aaron Smith, Private, one-fourth pension.

201. *Edmund Smith, Private, half pension.

202. *Josiah Spalding, Lieutenant, half pension.

203. *Samuel Stillman,Private, half pension.

204. *Benjamin Sturge, Private, one-sixth pension.

205. *Enoch Turner Jr., Private, two-thirds pension.

206. *Richard Watrous, Private, three-fourth pension.

206. *Stephen Wells, Liteutenan, half pension.

207. *Johathan Whaley, Private, Private, one-fourth pension.

208. *Ezra Willcox, Private, one-fourth pension.

209. *Azel Woodworth, Private, Private, three-fourths pension.

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