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The Shelton's, Netcalf's King's and Franklin's 1863.

I have a bit of a mystery here and I’m asking you researchers to help me solve it. I have two events that happen in the same year, but have not been able to put it all together. The first list of men it states that they were privates and were captured by confederate forces and killed on the nineteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three. The information doesn’t state, where this happened or why they were kill.

Now this second list of names has some of the names from the first list but these men are to young to be part of the first event. After reading the information you will see what I mean. Many of the names are of the Shelton’s and I believe their all tied together. I believe this would make a good story if I can put it all together.

If you have a lead or know the story or have a clue to solving this, you can write to me I will be happy to hear from you., my address can be found in my profile.

FEBRUARY 15, 1869.

Granting Pensions to Eliza Shelton, Nancy Shelton, Cerena Metcalf, Nancy King, Patsey .J. Shelton, Sarah Metcalf, Cloa Shelton, and Mary Franklin, and their children under the age of sixteen years.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Slates of America in Congress assemble That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby,
authorized and directed to place on the pension roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the pension laws, the names of Eliza Shelton, widow of Roderick Shelton; Nancy Shelton, widow of David Shelton; Cerena Metcalf, widow of James Metcalf; Nancy King, widow of Elison King; Patsey J. Shelton, widow of James Shelton; Sarah Metcalf, widow of David Metcalf; Cloa Shelton, widow of William Shelton; and Mary Franklin, widow of Russell B. Franklin, enlisted privates of the first Tennessee cavalry, in the service of the United States, who were severally killed by being shot to dearh after being captured by confederate forces on the nineteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and to pay to each of the said widows a pension at the rate of eight dollars per month, from the said nineteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, during widowhood, with such further allowance as is provided by law for children under sixteen years of age, if any there are; and in the event of the death or remarriage of either of the said widows the pension hereby granted her shall be continued to her children under sixteen years of age by her said husband until they severally attain that age.

ASHVILLE, N. C., February 24, 1863.

[Honorable Z. B. VANCE.]

GOVERNOR: In obedience to your direction to do so I have made inquiries and gathered facts such as I could in reference to the shooting of certain prisoners on Laurel Creek, in Madison County. I have to report to you that I learn that the militia troops had nothing to do with what was done on Laurel. Thirteenth prisoners at least were killed by order of Lieutenant Colonel J. A. Keith. Most of them were taken at their homes and none of them made resistance when taken. Perhaps some of them ran. After they were taken prisoners the soldiers took them off to secluded place, made them kneel down and shot them. They were buried in a trench dug for the purpose. Some two weeks since their bodies were removed to a graveyard. I learn that probably eight of the thirteenth killed were not in the company that robbed Marshall and other places. I suppose they were shot on suspicion. I cannot learn the names of the soldiers who shot them. Some of them shrank from the barbarous and brutal transaction at first, but were compelled to act. This is a list of the names of those killed:

Elison King (desperate man), Jo. Woods (desperate man), Will Shelton (twenty years old, [son] of Sipus), Aronnata Shelton (fourteen years old [son] of Sipus, not at Marshall), James Shelton (Odl Jim, about fifty-six years old), James Shelton, Jr. (seventeen years old), David Shelton (thirteen years old, was not in the raid), James Madcap (forty years old, was not in the raid), Rod Shelton (Stob rod, was not in the raid), David Shelton (brother of Stob Rod, was not in the raid), Halen Moore (twenty-five or thirty years old, was not in the raid), Wade Moore, twenty or twenty-five years old, was not in the raid.

It is said that those whose named I have so marked did not go to Marshall. The prisoners were captured on one Friday and killed the next Monday. Several women were severely whipped and ropes were tied around their necks. It is said Colonel L. M. Allen was not in command and that Keith commanded. Four prisoners are now in jail, sent here as I learn by order of General Davis. These are Sipus Shelton, Isaac Shelton, William Norton and David Shelton, son of Sipus.

I think the facts stated are about true. One thing is certain, thirteen prisoners were killed-shot without trial or any hearing whatever and in the most cruel manner. I have no means of compelling witnesses to disclose facts to me and I do not know that I shall be able to make a fuller report to Your Excellency at any early day. I hope these facts will enable you to take such steps as will result in a more satisfactory development of the true state of the matter.

I am, &c., yours, truly,

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