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Kansas Birth's 1830-1842.

I first put up this list at Roots Web, in 2004, I have decided to repost it here as I know many do not use Roots Web. As always if you see a name you would like info on give the full name and page number. My address can be found in my profile.

1830-Daniel and Rosannah Yoacham. Co. Johnson-Pg.168

1831-Rev. Thomas and Sarah T. ( Davis ) Co. Johnson-Pg.188
1832-born a son. Co. Wyandotte.
1834-born a daughter.

1834-Mackinaw and Betsy [ or Mary ] ( Rogers ) Beauchemie. Co.Wyandotte.-Pg.350

1834-Rev. Jerome C. and Sarah C. [ Cessna ] Berryman. Co. Leavenworth.-Pg. 351
1835-born a son.-Pg.511

1834-Jotham and Eleanor ( Richardson ) Meeker. Co.Johnson.-Pg.-366

1835-Robert and Fanny ( Goodridge ) Simerwell. Co.Johnson.-Pg.497

1836-John Smith and his wife Elizabeth.Co. Leavenworth.-Pg-42.

1836-Rev.Edward T. and Mary S. Peery. Co. Wyandotte.-Pg.42.
1839-born a son. Pg.187.

1836-Rev.Thomas and Sarah T. ( Davis ) Johnson. Co.Wyandotte.-Pg.45.
1838-born a daughter.-Pg.144.

1836-Pensineau and Catharinette ( Vulgo Greenwood ). Co. Leavenworth.-Pg.54.

1836-Rev.Ira D. and Mary ( Walton ) Blanchard. Co.Wyandotte-Pg.57.
1839-born a daughter.-Pg173.

1837-Col. Stephen W. and Mary ( Radford ) Kearny. Fort Leavenworth.-Pg.59.
1839-born a daughter.-Pg.175.

1837-Rev.David B. and Sarepta ( Reed ) Rollin. Co. Johnson.- Pg.60.

1837-Moses Pearson and his wife Sarah. Co.Johnson.-Pg-70.

1838-Rev.Jerome C. and Sarah C. ( Cessna ) Berryman. Co.Leavenworth.-Pg.144

1838-John G. and Olivia ( Evans ) Pratt. Co.Johnson.-Pg.151.

1838-Rev. William and Julia ann N. ( McGiffin ) Hamilton. Co.Doniphan.-Pg.155.

1839-Maj. Clifton and Oliveretta ( Ormsby ) Wharton. Fort Leavenworth.-Pg.179.

1839-Jotham and Eleanor ( Richardson ) Meeker. Co.Franklin.-Pg.181.

1840-Rev. William and Julia Ann N. ( McGiffin ) Hamilton. Co.Doniphan.-Pg.325

1840-Moses Pearson and his wife Sarah. Co. Johnson.-Pg.331.

1840-Rev. Jesse and Mary ( Todd ) Greene. Co.Johnson.-Pg.335.

1841-Col. Stephen W. and Mary ( Radford ) Kearny. Fort Leavenworth.-Pg.342.

1841-Robert Wilson and his wife Genevieve C. Wilson. Co. Linn.-Pg.350.

1841-Rev. Thomas and Sarah T.( Davis ) Johnson. Co.Johnson.-Pg.352.

1842-Rev.Edward T. and Mary S. ( Peery ) Peery. Co.Wyandotte.-Pg.430

1842-Hiram Rich and his wife Julia. Fort Leavenworth. Pg.430.

1842-Capt. Philip St. George and Rachel ( Hertzog ) Cooke.-Pg.430.

1842-Rev. Jerome C. and Sarah C. ( Cessna ) Berryman. Pg.431.

1842-Andrew M. and Rosina ( Lose ) Eisele. Co. Johnson. Pg.441.

1842-Francis and Elizabeth F. ( Churchill ) Barker. Co. Johnson.-Pg.450.

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