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Battle at Williamsbugh.

In the reports it states that these men were killed and wound in the action at Williamsbrugh in upper Canada, but the real action took place at the Battle of Crysler's Farm, also known as the Battle of Crysler's Field, and was fought on 11 November 1813, during the Anglo-American War of 1812. (The name Chrysler's Farm is sometimes used for the engagement, but Crysler is in fact the proper spelling.) A British and Canadian force won a victory over an American force which greatly outnumbered them, but was dispirited and badly led. The American defeat prompted them to abandon their "Saint Lawrence campaign", their major strategic effort in the autumn of 1813. In Williamsbrugh action Major General Wilkinson would loss a total of 339, men.

The killed and wounded of a detachment of the Army of the United States, descending the St. Lawrence, under the command of major General James Wilkinson, in a action fought at Williamsburgh in upper Canada, on the 11th, of November 1813.


Lieutenant William W. Smith, light artillery.
service: Smith, William Wallace. New Jersey New Jersey Cadet Military Academy 14 Apr 1809 (17) out of class, 2nd. Lieutenant Light artillery 1st, June 1812; 1st, Lieutenant 1 Oct 1813; died 3 Dec 1813 of wounds received 11 Nov 1813 in action at Chrystler's Fields Upper Canada.

Lieutenant David Hunter, 12th, infantry.
service: Hunter, David. Virginia, Virginia, 3rd, Lieutenant 12th,
infantry 29 Mar 1813; killed 11 Nov 1813 in battle of Chrystlers Fields Upper Canada.

Lieutenant Edward Olmstead, 16th, infantry.
service: Olmstead, Edward. Pennsylvania, 3rd, Lieutenant 16th, infantry 16 Apr 1813; 2nd, Lieutenant 13 May 1813; 1st, Lieutenant 30 Sept 1813; killed 11 Nov 1813 in battle of
Chrystlers Fields Upper Canada.


Brigadier General, Leonard Covington, mortally ( Since died.)
service: Covington, Leonard. Maryland, Maryland,, Cornet Light dragoons 14 Mar 1792; Lieutenant 25 Oct 1792; Captain 11 July 1794; resigned 22 Sept 1795; Lieutenant colonel Light dragoons 9 Jan 1809; colonel 15 Feb 1809; brig General 1 Aug 1813; died 14 Nov 1813 of wounds received in battle of Chrystlers field, Upper Canada 11 Nov. 1813.

Major Talbot Chambers, Assistant Adjutant General, slightly.
service: Chambers, Talbot. Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, 1st. Lieutenant 5th, infantry 18 June 1808; captain 31 Oct 1811; major Assistant Adjutant General 2 Apr 1813; major 4 rifle 21 Feb 1814; rifle regiment 17 May 1815; It colonel 8 Mar 1817; colonel 10 Nov 1818; transferred to 1st, infantry 1 June 1821; brevet Lieutenant colonel 17 Sept 1814 for gal con in the sortie from Ft Erie Upper Canada; cashiered 28 Apr 1826.

Major Darby Noon, Aid-de-camp, slight.
service: Noon, Darby. Ireland. New York, Major 41st, infantry 1 Aug. 1813; Honorable discharged 15 June 1815; department commissary of purchases 15 July 1815; Honorable discharged 1 June 1821; [died 9 Sept 1823.]

Colonel James P. Preston, 23, infantry, severely his right thigh fractured.
service: Preston, James Patton. Virginia, Virginia, Lieutenant colonel 12rh, infantry 19 Mar 1812; colonel 23rd., infantry 15 Aug 1813; Honorable discharged 15 June 1815; [died 4 May 1843.]

Major William Cummings, 8th, infantry severely.
service: Cummings, William. New York, Ensign 12th, infantry 14 Jan 1799; 2nd, Lieutenant 3 Mar 1799; 1st, Lieutenant 4 Apr 1800; honorable discharged 15 June 1800. Was later reinstated but I was not able to find his records.

Captain Edmund Foster, slightly.
service: Foster, Edmund. Massachusetts. Massachusetts, Ensign, rifle 12 Dec 1808; resigned 1 July 1809; 1st, Lieutenant 9th, infantry 12 Mar 1812; captain 13 Mar 1813; resigned 31 Oct 1814; [died 5 Feb 1834.]

Captain David S. Townsend, 9th, infantry severely-taken prisoner.
service: Massachusetts, Massachusetts, 1st, Lieutenant 9th, infantry 6 July, 1812; Captain 13 May 1813; Major, Assistant Adjutant General 27 July 1814; honorable discharges 15 June 1815; paymaster battalion corps artillery 29 Apr 1816; retained as major and paymaster 1 June 1821; died 28 Jan 1853.

Captain Mordecai Myers, 13th, infantry severely.
service: Myers, Mordecai. New York, Captain 13th, infantry 12 Mar 1812; honorable discharged 15 June 1815; [died 20 Jan 1871.]

Captain John Campbell, 13th, slightly.
service: Campbell, John. New York, 1st, Lieutenant 13th., infantry 15
May 1812; captain 15 Aug 1813; resigned 19 May 1814.

Captain John B. Murdoch, 25th, infantry.
Service: No service records could be found.

Lieutenant William S. Heaton, 11th, infantry Severely.
Service: Heaton, William S. Vermont, 2nd, Lieutenant 11th, infantry
12 Mar 1812; 1st, Lieutenant 13 Mar 1813; died 19 Nov 1813 of wounds received 11 Nov 1813 in battle of Chrystlers Fields Upper Canada.

Lieutenant John Williams, 13, infantry slightly.
Service: No service records could be found.

Lieutenant John Lynch, 14th, infantry severely-taken prisoner.
Service: Lynch, John. Maryland, Ensign 14th, infantry 9 Oct 1812; 3rd, Lieutenant 13 Mar 1813; 2nd, Lieutenant 15 Aug 1813; killed 11 Nov 1813 in battle of Chrystlers Fields Upper Canada.

Lieutenant Peter Pelham, 21st, infantry Severely-taken prisoner.
service: Pelham, Peter. North Carolina, Massachusetts. 2nd, Lieutenant 21st, infantry 12 Mar 1812; 1st, Lieutenant 16 Apr 1813; captain 28 Feb 1814; transferred to 5th, infantry 17 May 1815; honorable discharged 1 June 1821; [died 10 July 1826.]

Lieutenant James B. Brown 25th. Infantry slightly.
service: No service records could be found.

Lieutenant Archibald C. Crary, 25th, infantry, Severely in the skirmish the day before the battle.
service: Crary, Archibald C. Rode Island, 2nd, Lieutenant 25rh, infantry 12 Mar 1812; 1st., Lieutenant 16 Apr 1813; captain 2 May 1814; Honorable discharged 15 June 1815.

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