Thursday, December 31, 2009

Colonel John S. Mosby Photo Album

There has been so much written on Colonel Mosby, that I felt there was no need to write more. But I wanted to do something on him so I decided to put together a photo album to make it a little easier to find a photo of him.

Note. All photo’s can be enlarged by pushing on them.

The names and locations in the group are as follows: Top row, left to right: Lee Herverson, Ben Palmer, John Puryear, Tom Booker, Norman Randolph, Frank Raham; second row: Parrott, John Troop, John W. Munson, Colonel John S. Mosby, Newell, Necly, Quarles, third row: Walter Gosden, Harry T. Sinnott, Butler, Gentry.

John S. Mosby ( Gray Ghost.)


John S. Mosby , not in uniform.


Colonel John S. Mosby C. S. A.


Colonel John S. Mosby, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A., and friend.


John S Mosby, with hat.


John Singleton Mosby.


Mosby and his former lieutenant John S. Russell.

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