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Bounty Land Of Virginia 1834.

Land warrants granted by the State of Virginia to certain officers and soldiers in her navy, State and Continental line.

Now I won’t bother you with how much land he got as it is long gone, and the locality wasn’t stated anyways. But what is important is the names stated within the document, it gives the names of his heirs known at the time the document was written.

In whose name the scrip is prepared to be issued.

*William Roberts, Ensign of the State line.

Heirs: Ann Brown, Lucinda Brown, Henrietta Brown, Charles Gideon Brown, Sarah W. Brown, heirs of William Brown. One of the heirs of Elizabeth Brown, a sister of William Roberts.

*William Roberts had two Land warrants here are the heirs from the second Land warrant.

Heirs: James T. Brown, Catharine R. Crigler, EIiz. hughes, three of the children of Elizabeth Brown, sister of William Roberts.

Thomas Bonwell, Master of the navy.

Heirs: Betsey Bull, Sally Bonwell, Betsey Wise, Clement, Harriet, Tabitha, Sally and Leah BonweIl, Betsey East, James, Robert and Elijah Bonwell, part of the heirs of Thomas Bonwell.

Stephen Bloxom, Seaman, navy.

Heirs: Betsey Bloxom, Rosey Bloxom and Rachel Bloxom.

James Upshaw, Captain of the State line.

Heirs: Jas. Upshaw, Mariah Hawkins, Lewis G. Upshaw, Harriet Coekrill, Eliza T. Harwood, Martha F. Edwards, Sarah M. Mason, T. B. Upshaw, Arthur M. M. Upshaw, Heirs James Upshaw.

Joseph Payne, Lieutenant of the Continental line.

Heirs: G. V. C. Payne, Richard Payne, Cornelius Payne, Jos. Payne, Eliz. Armstrong, Lavinia Howell, Robert Payne, Nancy Johnson, Mahala D. P. Williams, Marcos Williams, Robert P. Williams, Otho S. Williams and Mary E. Williams, heirs at law of Joseph Payne.

Ths. Hamilton, Captain of the State line.

Heirs: Hans Roulston, donee of William Hamilton, devisee of Hans Hamilton, the legal representative of Ths. Hamilton.

Note, meaning of donee; "A donee beneficiary of a contract is a third-party to whom the promised beneficial performance comes without cost as a donation or gift. . . [W]here the contract rights of a donee beneficiary have not yet vested and where the beneficiary has not detrimentally relied upon a promise contained in the contract, [the] Court will not subvert the intent of the contracting parties when it is clear that they desired to alter the terms of the contract."

Note , meaning of Devisee, somebody bequeathed property: somebody to whom property has been bequeathed in a will.

Ambrose Lewis, Sailor, plus Rodham Kenner.

Heirs: Phebe Dillon, Cinthia Lewis, Sal1y, Ely and Nancy Chow, heirs of Thomas Brown, the assignee of A. Lewis and R. Kenner.

Nathaniel Wilkins, Lieurenant of the Continental line.

Heirs. George F. Wilkins and the other heirs, Cath. Wilkins, sister, and one of the heirs, Margaret S. Wilkins, one of the children of Robert Wilkins, Susan Ann Kendall and Thos. Kendall, Thomas K., Samuel L. and Eliz. A. Floyd, only children, &c., &c.

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