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The Burning In And Out Of Federicktown Maryland.

The deposition of Moses N. Cannon, aged about thirty-two, who lives within about one-ha1f mile of Fredericktown in Cecil county, Maryland.

This deponent states that he was at the breastwork near Fredericktown, on the 6th May last, when- the British armament came up the Sassafras river; that he saw no flag of truce; that after the militia were obliged to retreat, he returned home, and was occupied in turning horses out of’ his wheat field, when a party of the British came to his house; he rode up to them, and they informed him that he *as their prisoner; and on his observing that he was in their power, they inquired of himself he had any thing to drink, and he answering in the negative, they told him they had got something to eat, and asked him if he wanted his house burnt and he answering in the negative, they told him to go then to the captain, that he was in the house, and would set fire to it: and on his going towards the house he met the person whom they called the captain, with another person with him, loaded with his, this deponents, bed clothes, a pair of boots, and a number of other articles, carrying them towards his men, who were formed outside the yard; at the time, an officer on horseback rode up and inquired of the deponent where the damned militia were; he observed to him that they had retreated, pointing at the same time towards a wood; he observed he must burn the deponent’s house, and on the deponent expostu1atin with him, and stating the disadvantage he would labor under, in case his house was burnt, he then inquired of him the road td the mouth of Elk river, and if he, the officer, could march his men there, and the deponent observed that his Government would not permit him to give him any instructions; and the officer observed that he knew that as well as the deponent, but that he might trust a British officer, and smiled, and turned his horse, and ordered his men to march, and they went off, without burning the house or asking any more questions. The deponent then went to a neighboring house to see about a part of his family, and oh his return back towards his house, he Was fired-on by a party of the British, stationed in the public road about one hundred and fifty yards from the deponent’s house; he then retreated across the field, and abandoned ,house; he saw, after riding from the party who fired on him, a party going to-. ward hi house, who, as he supposes, destroyed, or took away, the residue of his household goods, and broke the window glass, sash, doors, and did considerable damage to his house. Fredericktown was on fire about the time the first party of the British came to the deponent’s house.
Witness my hand. Moses N. Cannon.

Sworn to and subscribed, before me, a justice of the peace for Cecil county, Maryland, this fourteenth day of June, 1813, H. B. Penington.

Sassafras Neck, Cecil County, June 28, 1813.

I do hereby certify, that, being in the fort at Fredericktown,. on Sassafras river, on the morning of the 6th of May last when a battle took place with the British and the militia, under the command of’ Colonel Thomas W. Veazey, I distinctly saw the enemy, from the time they first came in view, and discerned no flag of truce or any thing resembling one. The enemy, after some resistance, landed, burned Frederick and George towns, and destroyed a great deal of other private property. My House, about eight miles on the river from the fort, was plundered by them on their way down the river.
Jno. T. Veasy.
Sworn before, H. B. Penington.

Valuation of Property destroyed in Fredericktown.

1. Captain John Allen, Dwelling house, kitchen, and meat house, $1,200, Small house, $200, Small house, $300, Stable and carriage house, $100, Granary, $1000, total $2,800.

2. Richard Barnaby, Furniture and apparel, $400.

3. John Barnaby, Two Houses and kitchens, $850.

4. John H. Brown, Wearing apparel, $47.

5. Captain Frs. B. chandler, Granary an shed, near bank, $1000, Granary on wharf, $250, total $1,250.

6. Jonathan Greenwood, Dwelling house, kitchen, and store house, $1,226, Merchandise, $792.37, total $2,018.37.

7. Mrs. Ann Moore, Dwelling house, $1,200, Furniture, &c., $447, total $1,647.

8. Joseph Jarvis, House, $50.

9. Elizabeth M’Clannan, House, $100.

10. James Mitchell, Dwelling house, kitchen, and meat house, $300.

11. Toilus Robertson, Furniture, &c., $208.

12. Moses Cannon, Furniture, &c., $250.

13. James Williamson, Furniture, &c., $153.25.

14. Joshua Ward; Dwelling house and kitchen, $2,500, Furniture, apparel, &c: $2,836.45, total $5,336.45.

15. John Ward, senr., Tenant’s house, $450.

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