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Unknown Americans--1803.

Normally I am helping you readers but this time I find I am in need of your help. Below you will find a list of names that I need information on. Most all these men were either seamen or citizens of the United States. Although some of the crew will be from other nations they still were under the protection of the United States. Here is a little back ground on them. First of all most all these men were seamen and sailed on American vessels (Merchants ), in the year of 1803, these vessels were stopped by British war ships or British privateers and were forced to work on British ships. A lot of these men were still on these British ships in the War of 1812, and were forced to fight against their own country.

Now I can tell you what ship they were taken off of and what British ship they went too and things like that, but I have no family information to go along with the information I have, so I am asking you readers for help, any info will be better then none.

Now I know some of you may find a name of interest here and would like to know what kind of information I have, that’s ok that’s way I made this site, to help you readers find out as much information on a ancestor as I can give. If you see a name of interest you can find my address in my profile, be glad to help.

When asking for information on a name on these page or any other pages at this site, Please, Please give the title of the page or I may not be able to help you. I get a lot of mail asking for help on a name, but they give no page title. By not giving no page title means I will have to write you back and ask were the name came from. This slows down my getting the information back to you. I have now four web sites and work off Roots Web in all I have over 5,000 posts and pages with thousands of names, and to drop a name out of the blue, well I just don’t were to start looking, so please give the title.

Index: F. R. Vol., 2., p. 593-4.

1. Edward Bass, Philadelphia.

2. Robert Carter Gilliam, Virginia.

3. John Leland Wade, Massachusetts.

4. William Wall, Irishman.

5. Henry Clark, Irishman.

6. James Clark, Irishman.

7. Christopher Tillinghast, Rhode Island.

8. John Roberts, Dane. or Swede.

9. John Backham, Dane. or Swede.

10. Barnabas Otis Jr., Massachusetts.

11. Samuel Wilson, Maryland.

12. Andrew Sampson, American.

13. Peter Thompson, American.

14. William Brown, American.

15. John Daniel Kessler, Unknown.

16. John Anderson, Unknown.

17. Michael Jones, Unknown.

18. Richard Rodman, American.

19. Dennis Sweeny, Ireland.

20. William Ireland, New York.

21. John Dirks, Denmark.

22. Peter German, Denmark.

23. James Peterson, Denmark.

24. Hiram Chaples, New York.

25. Joseph Simonds, New York.

26. Sylvester Pendleton, New York.

27. Ephraim Vanduser, New York.

28. Josiah Hunt, Massachusetts.

29. John Whiting, Massachusetts.

30. Nathaniel Keene, American.

31. Joseph Stevens, American.

32. William Evans, Englishman.

33. Thomas Challis, American.

34. Joseph Emerson, Massachusetts.

35. Benjamin Eldridge, Massachusetts.

36. William Finney, Massachusetts.

37. William Whipp, Connecticut.

38. John Simpson, Virginia.

39. George Arnold, British.

40. John Williamson, Swede.

41. William Liddle, Unknown.

42. John M’Evoy, Englishman.

43. James Farnish, American.

44. Neil Land, American.

45. David Kitchell, American.

46. Oliver Harris, Massachusetts.

47. Charles Tracy, American.

48. James Davis ( B..), American.

49. Henry Wood (B.), American.

50. Samuel Robinson, American.

51. Thomas Doyle, Philadelphia.

52. Samuel Watt, British.

53. Andrew Pace, British.

54. John Davis, American.

55. James Matthews, American

56. John Murray, American.

57. William Watson, Connecticut.

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