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Sheriffs Of The United States.

Here is a short list of sheriffs I hope the names will help in your search of your ancestor.

1. 1871. William Leahy or Liahy, sheriff of county of Pittsylvania, Virginia. He was appointed by Edward S. Canby, military commander of the First Military District.

2. 1796. Jeremiah Allen, sheriff of the county of Suffolk, in the state of Massachusetts. He was asking for a law to be passed relative to the support of prisoners in jail, committed Under the authority of the United States; in order to indemnify the sheriff or keeper of the jail for their cost and expenses in such support.

3. George Partridge, was appointed sheriff of Plymouth County Massachusetts in 1777 and held it until 1811.

4. October 10th. 1781. Mr. Robert Starke of South Carolina was appointed Sheriff of one of the precincts of that State since the Revolution, and in the course of his office concerned in the execution of some capital offenders in Ninety six; he is unfortunately a Prisoner in Charles-Town, has been treated in the most inhuman manner, and excluded from exchange on account of his having put to death under the civil authority some atrocious criminals contrary to the Enemy's proclamations.

5. 1780. Peter Thornton was the son of Col. Anthony Thornton (1726-82) of Ormsby, who had been a sheriff, judge and member of the Committee of Safety in Caroline Co., Va.

6. 1779. F. Verner to the sheriff of the city of Philadelphia.

7. 1780. Thomas Walton Ward (1760-1835), Ward's son, was supervising the family farm in Shrewsbury, Mass., during the absence of his father, and later served as sheriff of Worcester County.

8. 1816. Samuel Turrentine, late sheriff and jailer for Orange, county, in North-Carolina, asking that his account for the safe keeping and support of sundry prisoners committed at the instance of the United States, may be allowed and paid.

9. 1870. William P. Crippen, late sheriff of Knox County, Tennessee, asking compensation for losses sustained by the occupation of the court-house in said county.

10. 1866. Alexander F. Pratt, late sheriff of Waukesha county, in that State, of the amount of expenses incurred by him in pursuing, arresting, and keeping a prisoner convicted in the United States district court of that State of counterfeiting United States coin.

11. George Hamilton, of the State of Pennsylvania, asking to be relieved from the payment of moneys due to the United States, for which he became liable in his capacity of Sheriff of Washington county, in said State.

12. 1813. Benjamin S. Smoot, late Sheriff of the District of Washington, in the Mississippi Territory, asking compensation for services rendered as Marshal of the said District.

13. 1858. John H. Merrill, asking payment for services rendered and expenses incurred as sheriff to a court established by the alcalde in San Francisco in 1849, also for expenses incurred in the relief and support of sick and disabled seamen

14. 1823, The sundry inhabitants of Warren county, in the state of Ohio, stating that Conrad Snyder, late Sheriff of said County, received from certain defendants in the petition named, a small sum of money for the use of the United States; that he deposited the same for safe keeping, in the hands of a certain Henry Share, from whom the said money was stolen; asking that the said Snyder may be exonerated from the payment of said sum of money.

15. CHAP. XI. — An .Act for the Relief of .Archibald Bull and Lemuel S. Finch.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary the Treasury be, and he is hereby, directed to pay, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Archibald Bull the sum of fifteen dollars and twenty-five cents, and to Lemuel S. Finch the sum of sixty-three dollars and thirty-eight cents, being for services, &c., rendered as judge and as sheriff to the United States, to detect a forgery on the pension fund.
APPROVED, January 8, 1849.

16. 1868. J. W. Stephenson, sheriff of Paris, Texas, praying for the continuance of the Freedmen's Bureau.

17. 1774. William Lee (1739- 95), was elected sheriff in 1773.

18. 1842. Thomas D. Gilson, late sheriff of Clinton county, New York, asking compensation for services rendered in enforcing the neutrality law on the Champlain frontier.

19. 1866. WM. BRYAN, Sheriff Anne Arundel County.

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