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Killed By Indians In Tennessee 1791-2

Here is a list of men, women, that were killed in 1791, This was in the State of Tennessee, although it’s hard to tell because of the way the list is laid out. I will have no other information on these names. But this list will be a help to those looking into these families. What you will learn is where and when they were killed, this will be a big help in your further research of your ancestors.

Note. This information come from Indian Affairs Volume 1., 1789-1814., p. 329-331, which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Miro District.

1. Richard Withs, killed January 16, at Papon’s creek.

2. Lloyd Hynniman, killed February, At a sugar camp, near Bledsoe’s Lick.

3. Capt. Cuffey, negro man, killed March 20, On his master’s plantation, Stode river.

4. Charles Hickman, killer April 1, Surveying on the waters of Duck, killed by Creek.

5. George Wilson, killed May 25, On the great road, near Station-camp creek

6. John Nickerson, Killed May 27, at Smith’s Fork.

7. John Gibson, Killed June 14, Mayfie1ds Station, near Nashville, killed by Creek.

8. Benj. Heykanol, killed June 29, In his own yard, near Bledsoe’s Lick, killer by Creek.

9. Robert Jones, killed July 18, at Maj. Wilson’s, 8 miles from Sumner court house. Killed by the Cherokees, before they knew of the treaty.

10. John. White, killed July 15, Cumberland mountain, on the new trace.

11. Joseph Dickson, killed July 31, At his own house,
Croft’s mills

12. George French, killed August, no place stated.

13. Samuel McMurray, killed March 25, Ploughing at Buchanan’s station, by Tuckalateague.

14. John Purviance, killed May 7, at Dr. Donnell’s near Sumner court house. By the Cherokees, Running Water.

15. Benjamin Williams, wife And child killed May 8, at his own home. By the Cherokees, Running Water.

16. James Everite, June 8, Gowen’s place.

17. Michael Shaver, killed June 26, Zeigler’s Station.

18. Archibald Wilson, killed June 26, Zeigler’s Station.

18. William Clack, killed May 16, in company with Judge Campbell, returning from court.

19. John Barclay, Jr. killed July 31, In his father’s peach orchard, near Bledsoe’s Lick.

20. John Collinsworth and wife killed February 17, 1792, by the Cherokees, the Glass present.

21. Elizabeth Norris killed August 6, Sulphur Fork, by Creek.

22. Shaderiek Williams killed September 6, Near Cotterel’s, by Creek

23. William Stewart killed October 8, Near Nashville, by Creek.

24. Jonathan Gee killed September 30, Taylor’s Trace, by Watts’ party of Cherokees. Creeks and. Shawanese.


25. James Paul killed October 3, Black’s block house, by Creeks and Cherokees.

26. George Moss killed October 3, Black’s block house, by Creeks and Cherokees.

27. Robert Sharpe killed October 3, Black’s block house, by Creeks and Cherokees.

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