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Almon W. Babbitt

Almon Whiting Babbitt

Birth: Oct. 9, 1812, Cheshire, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.
Death: Oct., 1856
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Almon W. Babbitt was a leader in the early Mormon Church. He was the first Secretary and Treasurer of the Territory of Utah. He was killed in a raid by Cheyenne Indians near Prairie Creek, Nebraska in October of 1856. The next year his wife Julia Ann Johnson Babbitt and her brother Joel Hills Johnson went East to find out what happened. They came upon the site where the party were buried.

Quote from Joel Hills Johnson's diary. "Sunday 7th (June 1857) This Morning started early and nooned on Prairie Creek, near where A.W. Babbitt's train was broken up last fall by the Indians. We saw the graves where those that were killed were buried, but the wolves had dug them up and devoured them, for we saw their bones, hair, and grave clothes scattered about the ground. We camped for the night at the crossing of the creek."

JANUARY 18, 1866.

For the relief of the administrators of the estate of the late Almon W. BabbItt, secretary of Utah.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the First Comptroller of the Treasury be required to ascertain and determine the amount and value of any money and property belonging to the United States and to Almon W. Babbitt, deceased, late secretary of the Territory of Utah, which may have been lost or destroyed on the plains, in the summer of eighteen hundred and fifty-six, by an attack of the Cheyenne Indians upon the said Babbitt and his train while transporting said property and money from the United States to Salt Lake City, in Utah Territory; and that the amount so ascertained and determined be passed to the credit of the said Babbitt on the books of the treasury in his accounts with the United States as secretary of said Territory, for expenses of the legislature thereof, and as superintendent of the erection of a penitentiary in Utah Territory; and if, upon the final adjustment of said accounts, the balances therein against said Babbitt in favor of the United States should fall short of’ the amount so ascertained to have been lost as aforesaid, that the balance thereof, after deducting the indebtedness of said Babbitt to the United States, be certified by said Comptroller to be payable to the lawful heirs of said Babbitt, deceased.

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