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Major Thomas C. Fitzgibbon.

Thomas C. Fitzgibbon..

Birth: 1836.
Death: 1865.
Burial: Saint Michael's Cemetery , Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Children: William S Fitzgibbon (1864 - 1950)

Note: Here is part of a report that tells how Major Fitzgibbon was wounded.

Near Lancaster, S. C., February 26, 1865


SIR: I am directed by the Major-general commanding to communicate with you and ascertain, if possible, whether a written communication can be forwarded through you to Lieutenant General Wade Hampton.
I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,
Colonel, Commanding

After a short time Major Fitzgibbon and Captain Offutt returned, bringing the following answer, viz:

February 26, 1865.

Commanding U. S. Picket-line:

SIR: In answer to your communication of this date, I beg leave to say that any communication you may have for Lieutenant-General Hampton will be received by my officer in charge of my picket-post on the Charlotte road, in your front, either this evening or on to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Major-General, Commanding.

I immediately forwarded General Wheeler's answer to you, and at 6. 30 the next morning Captain Brink came to my camp with a communication from Major-General Sherman to Wade Hampton. I furnished an escort and a white flag to Captain Brink and sent Major Fitzgibbon with him to the enemy's picket-post of the evening before. At precisely 7 o'clock they reached the appointed place, but did not find the enemy, when they proceeded up the Charlotte road about one mile with the flag, when the enemy's vedettes fired upon it, severely wounding Major Fitzgibbon in the left leg.

Captain Brink still proceeded and delivered the communication and also informed the enemy of the wounding of Major Fitzgibbon. Captain Brink brought me back word that General Wheeler strongly condemned the action of his vidette in firing upon the flag, and would make any reparation in his power, and had severely punished the guilty parties.

Upon consultation with your headquarters, I then demanded of General Wheeler that they should receive Major Fitzgibbon and send him by railroad in charge of a surgeon to our lines at City Point Va., which arrangement General Wheeler readily consented to, and he was forwarded on the morning of the 28th of February. On the same morning we again resumed our line of march in an easterly direction, my brigade marching fifteen miles upon the left flank of the division; raining very hard and the roads being almost impassable. The next day we again marched upon the left flank, but did not, on account of the horrible state of the roads, make more than eight miles. The following day we again marched upon the left of the division, and camped near the North Carolina line, three miles north of Blakeney's, in Chesterfield District, S. C.

Other notes about Major Fitzgibbon.

Camp near Farmington, Mississippi, May 16, 1862.

Colonel Loom’s, of the 26th., Illinois regiment, having reported to me the gallant conduct of Captain Thomas C. Fitzgibbon in the battle of the 9th., instant and deeming it my duty to reward courage and bravery on the battle field, it is ordered that the subjoined latter be published to the regiment as a tribute to the bravery, courage, and ability of Captain Fitzgibbon, company B., and place upon the records.
Robert P. Sinclair, Colonel, commanding, 14th., Michigan Infantry.

July 27, 1862.

At Weam’s Springs Tennessee, Major Fitzgibbon had a horse killed under him.

Note. Here is a Bill, for Sarah’s pension claim.

Chap. XXXV-An Act granting a pension to Sarah Fitzgibbon.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, that the Secretary of the interior be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to place the name of Sarah Fitzgibbon, widow of Thomas C. Fitzgibbon late Major of the Fourteenth Michigan Volunteers infantry, upon the pension rolls, at twenty-five dollars per month from the first of May 1865, Provided, that in the event of marriage or death of said Sarah Fitzgibbon, that the pension allowed by this act shall be continued to the children of the late Thomas C. Fitzgibbon, subject to the limitation and restrictions now imposed by existing pension laws.
Approved April 10, 1866.

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