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Unknown People.

This page is in titled ( Unknown people ), but of course the names are known or they wouldn’t be listed here. What is not known is who where their families what did they do for a living. All the information I have on them is here. I was hoping one of their ancestors would see their name and be able to give a insight into their life, so I can put it here so others readers can read it to. I know there must be others looking into these names, and I would like to give them as help as I can.
If any one has any information on any of these names you can write to me at the following.

Ruamah Williams.

A petition of Ruamah Williams. of the state of New York, praying for a pension in consideration of her gallant and meritorious exertions in resisting, capturing, and delivering up, as a prisoner of war, a British soldier in the late war, who came to her house for plunder in the absence of her husband.
Note. This was the war of 1813.

Solomon Hoffman.

The petition of Ida Hoffman, widow of Solomon Hoffman, late deputy provost marshal in Indiana, alleged to have been killed while in the discharge of his duties, praying a pension.
Note. He was from Carroll County Indiana, was shot and killed instantly, on March 14, 1863. His wife may have been Ida Campbell?

Charles M. Potts.

He lost one of his arms by accident while in the hospital.
Was of the 79th., Pennsylvania Militia.
Note. This in the civil war.

Alfred M. Lyon.

Was a private in the 23rd. Iowa Co. A., was Mortally wounded at the battle of Black River, Mississippi, on May 17, 1853. Wife was Emily A., He was a Sutler before volunteering.
Note. Sutler, A merchant, somebody who follows an army and sells merchandise to the soldiers.

Thomas Van Buskirk.
Bergen County New Jersey.

Maryett Van Buskirk, praying to be paid the amount of certain certificates of General Wayne, Baron DeKalb, and other officers, given by them for supplies furnished the American army by Thomas Van Buskirk, her grandfather, during the revolutionary war.

Peter Van Buskirk, heir of Thomas Van Buskirk

Randall Pegg.

Randall Pegg, for additional compensation for services as watchman to the east wing of the Patent Office building in the years 1849--'50

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