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Ships & Surnames. 1789-1845

If you been looking for a ship or some one that owned a ship this page may be of help to you. This page list not only the names of the ships but the Captains, Owners, Masters and the importers and Exporters. The information listed here is just a small part of the over all information. The information here was taken from the Bills of Congress, if you find a name of interest and would like to read the Bill, you can request it by writing to me.  My address can be found in my profile.

Brig Minerva, caught fire some time in 1790?, the Spanish brig Leon, rescued the crew.

Thomas Jenkins, was the owner of the ship America Hero.

Brigantine Susan & Polly, owners were, Leffert Lefferts, Thomas Carpenter, Jeremiah Condy and William Condy.

Ship James of New York, owners were, Reuben Smith and Nathan Strong.

The commander of the ship Enterprize was Herbert Jones, about 1795.

Alexander Claxton captain of the navy did salvage on the English merchant ship James Mitchell.

Thadeus Phelps and company, shipped their cargo on the ship Commerce.

Gazaway B. Lamar, imported a steam boat into the United States.

Whitford Gill, boat was captured by the enemy in 1814, on Lake Ontario.

Joseph Rowe, a boatswain, to share in the prize money for the capturing of the British fleet on Lake Champlain.

John Percival command the United States schooner Dolphin.

Amos Sheffield, was one of the owners of the schooner Three Sisters, in 1831.

William B. Doliber, Thomas Woodfin, Samuel Davis and Samuel Davis were owners of the Schooners Mary and Hannah, said schooners were lost at sea.

The United States ship George Washington captain was John Shaw, in 1801.

James Marsh shipped cargo on the schooner Comet.

M. S. Gordon was master of the brig Sarah George.

Remington Arnold Junior and Arnold Smith, were owners of the schooner Admiral.

Charles Cramer, George Kaler, George Creamer, Isaac G. Reed and John Studley, were part owners of the schooners Joseph and Mary.

Humphrey B. Gwathmey of the firm of Roy & Gwathmey, emported cargo on the Schooner Silas Wood.

The commander of the Schooner Delight, was John Cannon, about 1795.

W. E. Dickson, was Master of the Brig Trader, 1791.

John Puller Nutty, was Master of the schooner Industry, 1791.

Allen Hill, master of the Brig Diana, 1794.

John H. Shackerly, master of the Brig Lydia, 1794.

William Hopper, was master of the Brig Mary, 1793.

The ship Washington was wrecked on the cost of Holland, in November of 1795.

The Schooner Endeavour and Schooner Fish-hawk, were owned by James O’Brien and James Aylward.

The Ship Amity sailed out of Charleston South Carolina, with a cargo of sugar between 1797 and 1798.

James Yard, cargo was shipped on the ship Ganges, cargo was 106 pipes, eight hogsheads and five quarter casks Madeira wine, 1798.

Josiah Wilson, was captain of the Brig Acteon, his cargo was 3,500, rifles and carbines, came from Hamburgh 1799.

Thomas Dingley, was captain of the ship Juno. June15, 1801.

Paolo Paoly, was owner of the schooner Amphittheatre, which was captured by the Experiment, William Maley commanding.

John Coles, was the owner of the Grand Turk, 1801.

The ships Betty Catheart and Brig Aaron, was captured by the French Privateer La Bellone.

Andrew Tombs, was the master of the Chesapeake in 1800.

John Rodgers, Captain of the John Adams captured the armed ship Meshouds.

Robert Patton and Samuel Pearson, were owners of the Schooner Iris, cargo was owned by Samuel Gordon and others, 1804.

Edmund Briggs, was master of the schooner Phebe, 1802-1804.

Peter Landais, was a captain of a armed vessel of the United States name unknown, 1797.

George Little, was commander of the Frigate Boston, 1791, captured the Brig Flying Fish.

Augustin Serry, was a boatswain on the U. S. Brig Sophia, 1796-1798.
Note. A boatswain is a noncommissioned officer or a warrant officer on a ship in charge of the maintenance of the vessel, its boats, and other equipment.

Daniel Cotton, was owner of the ship Anna Maria, 1800.

Harry Caldwell and Amasa Jackson, were owners of the Brig Joseph Ricketson,

Jeremiah Reynolds, owner of the schooner Victory, about 1809.

Levin Jones, was owner and command of the schooner Wolfe, about 1809.

William W. Weymouth, master of the schooner Weymouth, about 1809.

Joseph Weeks, master of the schooner Ceres, about 1809.

John Macnamara, was owner the schooner Sally, 1808.

Edwin T. Satterwhite, was purser on the U. S. brig Vixen and the sloop of war Hornet.

The crew of the private schooner Rosamond, were been held on board a Spanish vessel at Porto Cavello, between 1812 and 1813.

Richard Dale, was commander of the U. S. ship Ganges.

John Cahoone, was master of the cutter Vigilant, which captured the British privateer Dart.
Stephen West, was master of the ship Walker, 1812.

John Whitney and Joseph H. Dorr, owners of the schooner Industry, before 1814.

Weston Jenkins of the sloop Two Frieds, captured the British schooner Retaliation in November of 1814.

Uriah Coolidge and James Burnham, of Portland Maine, took care of wounded seaman of the private armed schooner Siro they were; Peter Charry, Thomas Robinson, John Hart, Thomas Bailey, Pter Ridley and Joseph Sawyer. They were wounded by the explosion of the arm-chest in 1813.

William Potter, was master of the ship Tiber, 1812.

Andrew Oburg, captain of the Swedish schooner Lichlighten.

The garrison at Fort Boyer on September 14, 1814, captured the sloop-of-war Hermes. The garrison in the same year captured the schooner Active.

Erastus Loomis was on the Brig Eagle, in the action on Lake Champlain, September 11, 1814.

Charles Dolph, was killed during the war of 1812, between a party of volunteers from the town of Saybrook and the crew of the British privateer Rover.

Samuel Traverse, was master of the cutter Surveyor.

David Coffin, Samuel & William Rodman and Samuel Rodman Jr., were owners of the ship Phebe Anne, who’s cargo was taken and put on the British Brig Rolla, in 1815.

Charles Stewart, captain of the Constitution, and his crew, captured the British vessels of war the Cyane and the Levant. Captain Stewart received a Gold meal, his Officers receiver Silver medals.

William Haslet, owned the ship Liberty.

Richard Taylor, received total disability from a wound he received while captain of a flotilla, on the waters of Chesapeake.

Nathaniel Seavey, Richworth Mason and Daniel Tobey, of Massachusetts, recaptured the schooner Pink.

James Stewart alias James A. Stewart, was master of the schooner Sally Baker Windsor.

Captain Teakle Savage boat was used in the capturing a launch and two barges belonging to the enemy.

George Buckmaster, furnished whale-boats to the United States.

Martin Warner was owner of the schooner Nanct.

John Donnell. Of Baltimore, owner of the schooner Eleanor.

Seth Sprague, owner of the fishing schooner Nine Sisters, between 1813 and 1818.

Benjamin Berry, of Massachusetts, was paid $300, hundred dollars for bring property from the British wreck Diligent.

Jonathan Amory and Thomas C. Amory, were owners of the ship Edward.

William Morgan, was master of the ship Louisa.

Thomas Hall Jervey, surveyor for the port of Chaleston, was paid half the amont for the condemnation of the schooner Lovely, James and Elizabeth.

William Coffin was given drawback, for cargo shipped on the Brig Bonif, 1817.

Elkanah Finney, was one owner of the fishing vessel Juno.

John D. Carter, had part of his cargo taken off the ship Mandarin.

Angus O. Fraser, was on the seizure of the British vessel the Ardent, his ship was the Louisiana, 1811.

Richard S. Hackley seized the ship Vigilant, 1809.

Peter Cadwell and James Britten, shipped their cargo on the ship Northern Liberties, which was captured and sold at New York.

John Gooding and James Williams, owners of the private arm schooner Midas, who captured the Privateer Dash.

Mathew M’Nair, had a schooner-rigged flat bottomed boat called the Columbia, which was destroyed at French Mills, 1813.

John Robertson was master of the Brig Independent.

Robert F. Stockton, Lieutenant and commander of the schooner Alligator, who captured the schooner Jeune Evgenia off the coast of Africa, and the ship Marianna Floraon on the high seas.

Charles M. Collier, had his packet boat the Huntress, captured by the enemy in the war of 1812.

William Barlett and John Stearns were the owners of the fishing schooner Angler.

Nathaniel Carver, was the owner of the vessel Harmony.

John Zeabold was a seaman on the sloop of war the Wasp.

Francis G. Macey, owner of the ship General Jackson, John Fisher was it’s master.

John Wilmont, was either a owner or just shipping cargo on the schooner Collector.

Isaac Collyer was the owner of the fishing schooner the Dcve.

John H. Howland shipped cargo on the Brig William Howland.

Jacob A. Blackwell paying extra tonnage on the brig Prospect.

Elisha Snow had his sloop Mary Snow condemned in 1822.

The Spanish brig San Francisco, master was Miguel Zenteno.

Joseph Forrest was paid for demurrage on the schooner William Yeaton.

John M. Moody and Samuel moody were owners of the fishing schooner Welcome Return.

Elijah Bailey, Christopher Lester, Daniel Douglas and Noyes Barber, were owners of the fishing sloop Lucy Anne.

George Stiles, was the owner of the ship Fabius, Brig Aid and the schooner Ann, these ships were sunk for the defense of Baltimore harbor, on February 17, 1815.

Otis Pendleton and Harris Pendleton , were owners of the fishing schooner called the Elizabeth, which was lost at sea.

John F. Delaplaine and Elijah P. Delaplaine were owners of the fishing schooner called the Sandford William, which was accidentally burnt at sea, in 1824

Seaman William Thompson was wounded by a musket ball, on August 10, 1819, while on the Louisiana.

Thomas Douty to be paid his share of prize money for the capture of the Algerine vessels in 1815.

Horace Waite, was owner of the schooner Parnell which was washed on shore in 1823.

John Abraham Willink, had his cargo on the brig Pilgrim, in 1823.

Parker McCobb, was given a register for the brig Liberator of bath, which was formerly a British vessel called the Liberator, which had been stranded on the coast of the United States a and was purchased by him and repaired.

Joshua T. Chase, John Dennett, Joseph Todd and Joseph Litchfield Jr. owners of the fishing schooner Betsey, which was lost at sea.

Henry G. Rice, had a cargo of colored cotton on the brig Franklin, in 1819.

Philip Coombs was owner of the fishing schooner called John, which was lost at sea.

Nathaniel Briggs, was master of the brig Enterprize.

John T. Ross, of Newburyport, had three trunks of Madras Handkerchiefs exported on the brig William in 1822.

Francis H. Gregory, was commander of the schooner Grampus.

Henry Dickins, Thomas Dunbar, Junior, and trustum Dickins owners of a fishing schooner call the Whale.

B. W. Miller was master of the schooner Governor Cass.

Charles Henry Hall had cargo on the brig Sarah.

Payson Perrin was master of the ship Tartar.

Michael Lewis was pilot on the United States schooner Vixen.

The ship Alleghany was captured at Gibraltar in 1812.

Elisha Ives had a boat captured by the enemy in 1814.

Ships that were sunk for the defense of Baltimore harbor were: Thomas Wilson, Chesapeke, Adriana, Scioto, Temperance, Fabius, India Packet, Mars and Nancy. Brigs; Aid, George, Swallow, Blanche, Sally, Eliza, Betsey, Father and Son, and Ann. Schooners; Scudder, Ann, Columbia, Enterprise and Packet. And the Sloop Rosanna.

Ebenezer Rollins shipped his cargo on the ship Rebecca Coffin.

Richard Smith and William Pearse, second citizens of the United States, now owners of the brig Hope, and now asking foe a register of said brig Hope.

Daniel Jackson and Lucius M. Higgins now owners of the schooner Julia D. Ramsey, built in Quebec. Said owners asking for a register, of said ship.

Charles Marchant and Winslow Curtis, charged with piracy, captured by Stephen Hook.

Eber Hubbard, had his boat captured in the war of 1812.

Thomas Pain, lost his cargo from the revenue cutter Crawford, March 16, 1829.

George J. Knight had a schooner captured by the enemy in the war of 1812.

John Hughes, pastor of Philadelphia, had church cargo shipped on the ship Sully and the brig Caroline.

Russell Hotchkiss and son, and Jehiel Forbes and son, are the owners of the brig Stranger.

Crosby Arey, owner of the Schooner Burr.

Glover Broughton and his crew were bring into port the schooner Union, which was lost at sea.

Josiah P. Creesy and crew of the fishing schooner Panther, were lost at sea.

Samuel Bragdon and David Chase, owners of the schooner Halcyon, which was lost at sea.

Charles Gordon owner of the schooner Two Sons, which was driven onto shore by a gale.

Samuel Lord, owner and master of the fishing schooner Mary and Sally, which was lost at sea.

William Haskell, was either a owner or master of the fishing schooner Friendship, which was lost at sea.

Pat McRown was owner?, of the schooner Rising States, which was lost at sea.

Joseph W. Wormstead, owner? Of the schooner Sally, which was lost at sea.

Benjamin F. Stone was master of the brig Mary Averill.

Francis R. Theobald, was master of the brig Euphrates.

George Gott and Jonathan Tarr, owners?, of the fishing schooner Mary Flower, which was driver onto shore and lost.

Ebenezer Phillips was owner of the fishing schooner Van Buren, which was lost at sea.

Thomas Dixon and company shipped cargo on the ships Nestor and James Monroe.

Joseph W. Green, owner?, of the fishing schooner Two Brothers, lost at sea.

Robert Dickey imported wine on the brig Generous Friends.

Samuel Potter and James Cassidey are owners of the barque called Calypso.
Joshua Hatch, owner? Of the fishing schooner Joseph, which was lost at sea.

Isaac Means, was owner of the schooner Elizabeth.

David McCord lost his money in the burning of the Steamer Florida. The steamer was in the possession of Alexander Pope, at the time of the burning.

Ebenezer Breed, Merchant, imported wine on the brig Gazelle.

George Frazar, owner of the fishing schooner Quero, which was lost at sea.

Philip F. Voorhees, commanded the ship John Adams.

Frederick Frey & Co., imported two thousand two hundred and twenty, packs of Spanish playing cards on the Schooner Pearl.

Spencer C. Gist was Midshipman and Acting Lieutenant on the Frigate Guerriere.

Joseph R. Folsom was either a importer or owner of the schooner Galaxy, which was lost at sea.

Thomas Cushing was managing owner of the fishing schooner Commerce.

Jacob Clements was owner of the Brig Cumberland and Active Trader.

Jesse Seymour was part of the crew of the sloop of war Wasp.

Melancton W. Bostwick was a purser on the brig Epervier.

Gilbert A. Smith and Nathan Stark were owners of the fishing schooner Lilly.

John L. Bowman and Enoch Noyes were owners of the fishing schooner George.


James Grant Forbes and Ralph B. Forbes, cargo on the brig Sussex.
Joseph Simmons cargo on the ship Golden Age.
Jacob Ritter cargo on the ship Fair American.
John Lavel cargo on the brig Molly.
Gary, Taylor and Samuel Tagert, cargo on the ship Temperance.
Caleb Eddy cargo on the ship Rasselas.

Joshua Atwood Jr., owner of the schooner Abelino.

Josiah Holmes owner of the sloop Lydia.

John B. Pierce owner of the schooner John George, who also saved the cargo of the ship Rob Roy, after total abandonment of said ship at sea.

Charles Gordon owner of the schooner Two Sons, which was lost at sea.

James S. Calhoun owner? Of the Steamboat Anna Calhoun and barges Mary Eliza and Antoinette.

Joseph Hidden owner of the fishing schooner Mary Francis.

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