Thursday, March 10, 2011

They Change Their Name.

This is a very short list, but to those looking into these family lines will find the information very helpful.

Nathan Sergeant Dustin now to be that of Nathan Sergeant, January 1, 1867.

Emil Cohen to be that of Emil Cornely, June 23, 1866.

William Bussard to be that of William Franklin, 1831?

Samuel Chase Barney to be that of Samuel Chase De Kraftt or Kraft, December 1, 1867.

Photius Kavasales to be that of Photius Fisk, May 3, 1848.

Dorsey Edwin William Towson to be that of Dorsey Edwin William Carter, February 25, 1865.

Lewis Grant to be that of Lewis Grant Davidson, 1811.

Here is the reason for the name change.

Lewis Grant Davidson, of the city of Washington, stating that, for the purpose of inheriting a large estate, he has assumed the surname of Davidson, having heretofore been distinguished by the surname of Grant.

Lucinda Golden, was trying to get her name changed to what name is not stated, no record was found that she got it changed, the year was 1862.

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