Tuesday, September 20, 2011

James W. Ricker West Vigrinia.

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Lieutenant James W. Ricker, mustered in November 8, 1861, age 20, was in company H., Promoted from Second Lieutenant Co. H., in company A., now 21 years, was promoted from First Lieutenant Co. H.

The following was taken from the history of the Second West Virginia Cavalry. Although the following was taken from the pages 133-34, of it's history it was to long to put here this will be a highlight of the event, and not word for word.

Lieutenant James W. Ricker was in command of company H., After a battle with the enemy they sat the woods a fire. After the battle it was found that the enemy had left a wagon of powder behind. Lieutenant Rick was ordered my a Major to destroy the powder by throwing it in the creek. Ricker rode up to the wagon and looked it over and told the Major that because of the fire it was too hazardous to unload. The Major call them called them cowards, then withdrew from the scene. Lieutenant Ricker took a guard of fifteen men and ordered the wagon unloaded.

The men started to unload the wagon and a few minutes later the wagon exploded, killing and wounding half the guard. Lieutenant Ricker was sitting on his hores near by and had a thrilling experieace. His hat was blown away so it was not found. His saber scabbard hanging at his side was shattered, his head was adorned with it's first gray hairs, and was otherwise so shaken up that he was not completely recovered to this day.

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