Thursday, September 22, 2011

Richard Cayford New Jersey Loyalists 1776.

I couldn't find any family information on Richard Cayford, all I can give you is below.

Richard Cayford, in the minutes of the committee of safety of the province of New Jersey, January 12, 1776, we find a memorial concerning the arrest of this man with two other inhabitants of the county of Cumberland, “Convicted of being enemies to his country, by using their influence with the ignorant and unwary to raise a party to oppose the measures adopted for redress otgrievances, cursing and ill-treating all congresses and committees, and refusing to give any reasonable satisfaction for their exraordinary conduct.” It was found necessary by the committee to “Use spirted evertions for the discouragement of such behaviour.”

Cayford was then placed in close confinemont, required to pay charges of apprehension and give security for his good behaviour in the sum of fifty pounds. Nevertheless his toryism was too strong for prison bars or legal bonds and he next appears in the following year as a Captain in First Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers. He remained in this organization until 1781.

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