Sunday, April 01, 2012

George Saunders ( Colored ) Civil War.

George Saunders, of the Seventeenth New Hampshire, Infantry, was a color boy, who served as cook and master of ceremonies.  Lieutenant Colonel Long, brought him from Virginia, and he became by general consent the Regimental "Mascot".  George always said his prayers in a most devout manner every night and morning.  Thus setting a good example which others might well have followed.

He believed in a negro tradition, that the time when he was most exposed to the assaults of the evil one, was during the interval between saying "Amen" and getting under his blanket.  And so it became the nightly custom in Headquarters, where he slept, to watch for the "Amen" and then for the one spring which always placed him under his previously arranged blanket,-"Before", as he expressed it, "de debble could ketch up with him."  George was a good boy, but had a white soul, and has long since gone to the home where all are equal.

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