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The Names of Tally & Talley Through History.

The other day I was asked to look into the names of Tally & Talley, I found them interesting so I decided to do this page on them.  Now some of this information may be only a line or two, but may lead you in a new direction of research.  This information will not be in any order by Surname or Date, its put down as it was found.

Hopson Tally, Private, First Regiment, Tennessee Militia, under Captain Ebenezer Kilpatrick, Enlisted July 5, 1814 through December 21, 1814, Served 5 months and 16 days, paid $8., per month, amount paid $44.26.  Deserted September 20, 1814, returned October 15, 1814; was left at Mobile December 21, 1814, where he was put on trial for mutiny from Fort Jackson.

Martin Tally, of Louisiana was given $6,000, for property taken by the United States Troops in said State.

Larkin Tally, of Tennessee was given a $8., Pension for life, for his service in the War of 1812.

John S. Tally, is to be Register of the land office at New Orleans and Louisiana.

R. W. Tally, is asking to be paid for the loss of a horse, ordered to be shot by Colonel William C. Wickham.

1836; Mr. White, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, to whom were referred, the 21st March, certain documents relating to the claim of the heirs of Alexander Talley, reported the following resolution; which was read:  Resolved, That the papers and documents presented to the Senate for the purpose of procuring compensation to Dr. Alexander Talley, for corn and other supplies furnished the emigrating Choctaw Indians, and for advances in money made by him, be transmitted to the Secretary of War, with instructions to ascertain whether any thing is due to the said Talley; and, if any thing, how much; and whether the sum ascertained to be due ought to be paid by the United States, or by the Choctaw Indians, out of their annuity.

1868, Wm. Cooper Talley to be assessor of internal revenue for the seventh district of Pennsylvania.

1844, the Committee on Invalid Pensions, made adverse reports upon the petitions of Sarah Talley, widow of John A. Talley.

1870, Ezekiel Talley, of Virginia, praying the removed of his political disabilities.

1843, The petition of Sarah Talley, of Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland county, State of Maine, widow of John A. Talley, who died in the service of the United States, praying that the benefit of the law granting five years' half-pay to the widows of soldiers who have been killed, or died of wounds received in the service, may be extended to her.

1867, Chas. D. Manley to be collector of internal revenue 7th district of Pennsylvania, in place of William C. Talley, rejected.

1844, A petition of Mildred Talley, widow of James Talley, deceased, for a pension.

1870, John W. Talley, of Virginia, praying the removal of his political disabilities .
Adjutants, with the rank of first lieutenants, C. S. A.
William H. Talley, of South Carolina, to take rank October 8, 1861.

Second lieutenants, Infantry, C. S. A.
Robert A. Talley, of Virginia, to take rank May 18, 1861.

Note.  There were Tally and Talley's in the Civil War.
Tally, Union , 153, Talley, 181.
Tally, Confederates, 308, Talley, 451.

Maryland Marriage Licenses, St. Mary's County.
George G. ( C? ) Harper to Elizabeth Tally.

New Jersey 34th., Infantry Co. F.
Alfred M. Tally, Private, Enlisted April 10, 1865, Mustered same, for 1 year, Recrut, discharged at Mobile Ala.

Tax payers of Granville, Oxford District, North Carolina.
Reuben Tally, land 1414 acres, 7 slaves.  He took the oath of allegiance May 22, 1778.
Nicholas Talley, of the same district, took the oath.

North Carolina County Census, 1790.
Chatham County, John Talley
Mecklenburg County, Priar Talley.
Wake County, George Talley.

Pennsylvania, War of 1812.

Isaac Talley, Private, 7th., Batt., Chester County, Under Lieutenant Huston.
Benjamin Tally, City Phila., Artillery, called April 28, 1779.
Ferrell Tally, counldn't read card.

Virginia Rev. War Bounty Warrants.
Thomas Tally.
John Talley Sr.
Anthony Talley.

Virginia Rejected Claimss
John Talley, Northumberland, County, 1834.

Virginia Rev. War Public Service Claims.
Nathan Tally, Louisa County.
William Talley, Amelia, County.

John Talley Jr.

Military Warrants.
Push to Enlarge

Thomas Talley

John Talley Sr.

Kentucky War of 1812.
William T. Kally or Tully, Private, Light Dragoons, September 14, 1811 through November 25, 1811.

John Tally, Private, Captain Stewart W. Megowan's Company, August 15, 1812 through October 14, 1812.

North Carolina, War of 1812.
7th., company detached from Warren Regiment.
Joel Tally.
James Tally.
Thomas Tally.
Andrew Tally, Private, 7th., regiment.
James Talley, Private, Captain Cariton's Company.

Maryland War of 1812.
William Tally, Private, 42nd., Militia.
William Tally, Private, 49th, Militia.
John Talley, Private, 42nd., Militia.

Virginia War of 1812.
John Talley, 4th., regiment.

Land Records.
For those of you who are interested in knowning where your ancestors land was I have a index to hundreds of Deeds.  There are 14, pages for Tally and 21, pages for Talley.  All you need to do is request it.

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