Monday, April 30, 2012

Henry Bedinger, Virginia-Rev. War.

Captain Henry Bedinger, of the Virginia line, entered the service in June, 1775, in Captain Hugh Stephenson's Company of Riflemen, and appointed Sergeant before he left the recruiting rendezvous at Shepherdstown, Virginia.  He marched with his company to the siege of Boston, and served till his company was discharged in June, 1776.  He was made a Lieutenant July 9, 1776, in Captain Abraham Shepherd's company, in Colonel Hugh Stephenson's regiment of riflemen.  In August, 1776, Colonel Stephenson died, and Colonel Moses Rawlings assumed the command of the regiment.

Captain Bedinger, was with his regiment at the defence of Fort Washington, November 16, 1776.  He was there captured and detained as a prisoner of war "Four years wanting sixteen days."  His service is accredited to the end of the war, and he received a pension in berkeley county, Virginia, under the act of May 15, 1828, as Captain, to which he had been promoted to while a prisoner of war.

The following comes from his pension application.

Henry Bedinger, put in for a pension on June 3, 1828, but died before he received it, his executor Brayton Davenport took over.  The application states; Captain Bedinger, was a Captain in the 5th., regiment of the Virginia Line.  Bedinger, died on May 14, 1843, Jefferson County Va., His wife was not stated Children were; Nancy Swearingen, Nancy Bedinger and Mrs. Elizabeth Davenport wife of the affiant.

Henry Bedinger, wife was Rachel Strode, married December 22, 1784.  Note other dates are stated for this marriage.  From this union there were seven children who were; Betsy died 1790, Sarah died 1792, Eleanor died 1802, Maria died 1825, Elizabeth Bedinger Davenport.
Note in the records state there were two Nancy's, one had a birth date of 1790, the other 1786 and both are showing too have married James Strode Van Swearengen or Swearingen in 1811.  These Nancy's need more research.

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