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The Meaning Of The Surname Of Chapin & More.

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The Chapin name is one of the oldest and best names in France, dating from the Carloving era, going back at lest to the tenth century, perhaps earlier.  In some feudal scrimmage of the middle ages, one who had distinguished himself in the Melee, had got a sword cut across his head laying open his helmet or head-piece.  For his exploit he was knighted on the spot and dubbed Capinatus, which means "Decorated with a hat," and his coat-of-arms was made a hat with a slash in it, Thence the name Capinatus, the participle of the law-latin Capino-and then by the softening process of the Franch made Capin-Chapin.  Of course the roots is Caput, whence Cap and Chapeau.

The Chapin's fought in three wars the French and indian wars, the Revolutionary war and the war of 1812.  These names were from Massachusetts, New Hamphire, Rhode Island Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and records from the war and the navy.

As there are so many names and information this well be a look up page.  I will give a couple of examples on the kind of information you may receive.  If you would like a name looked into , just drop me a line I will be glad to help. 

Example 1. Galeb Chapin, born July 2, 1736.  He was at Cambridge in 1775, and captain of a company under General Shepard in the Shays rebellion in 1787.  He died November 10, 1815, age 79 years.  His son Cyrenus was a waiter to his father.

Example 2. Lewis Chapin was born September 30, 1755.  He was at Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1775, as a drummer in captain Enoch Chapin's company of minutemen, and was in captain Gideon Burt's company, Colonel Timothy Danielson regiment.  He died March 26, 1828, age 72 years.

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