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George Paige Wood & Lawson Dwight Wood.

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George Paige Wood.

Mustered in, September 17, 1861.
Died in the service.

Born in West Brookfield, July 6, 1837. His father was George Wood, born in Bethel, Vt, November 14, 1808, son of Thomas and Betsy (Crowell) Wood. His mother was Abigail EHzabeth Keep, daughter of Josiah and Lucy (Tucker) Keep, who were married October 27, 1801. George Wood, of Bethel, Vt., and Abigail E. Keep, of Monson, were married March 4 1832. Mr. Wood died in West Brookfield, September 8, 1840.  After his death, Mrs. Wood married Hervey Maynard, March 28, 1844, and came with her two sons to Oakham.

George P. Wood enlisted at the age of twenty-four, by occupation a farmer, and died of disease, September 19, 1862, at Newbern.  February 18, 1858, he was married to Sarah S. Merrifield, daughter of James A. Merrifield, and had two sons, Elmer B., born June 22, 1859,and George Arthur, born August 26, 1861.

Lawson Dwight Wood.

Mustered in, September 16, 1861.
Died in the service.

Bom in West Brookfield, August 23, 1839, son of George and Abigail Elizabeth (Keep) Wood, and brother of George Paige Wood.  Lawson Dwight Wood, when quite young, left home and lived in the family of Joseph Fobes. He was a young man of marked ability and had been a teacher in the public schools of Oakham.  When the Civil War began he was a student at Williston Seminary.  He left Williston and enlisted at the age of twenty-two, and was appointed Corporal. He died November 23, 1862, at Newbern, N. C. Sergeant Henry Arthur White of Co. H, whose mother was an Oakham girl, writes : "I well remember the two Wood brothers from Oakham. They were my tent-mates from the start at Worcester till their death, which came in 1862, two worthy men, an honor to themselves and to their town, of fine personal character, good soldiers both, both tall men, standing among the first ten men of Co. H. They were unable to stand the debility of  that first hard summer. We were sorry to lose them,"

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