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Samuel And Silas Bullard.

Samuel Bullard.

Born in Rutland, November 20, 1753, third son and fifth child of  Jonathan and Anna (Harrington) Bullard.  He enlisted June 5, 1775, and served eight months at Roxbury, in Capt. Hazeltine's Co., Col. Fellows' Regt. He also marched with the Oakham company on the Rhode Island alarm, July 23, 1777, and enlisted August 28, 1777, in Capt. Hodges's Co., Col. Cushing's Regt., for service at the Northward.

He was married to Abigail Furness, sister of Mary Furness, the wife of his brother Silas. They had seven children. Samuel Bullard removed to Onondaga, N. Y., where he was killed in 1802, at the raising of a building at a place called "The Lord's Corners." Mrs. Bullard died in 1840, aged ninety-six years.

Silas Bullard.

Born in Weston, May 24, 1746, eldest child of Jonathan and Anna (Harrington) Bullard.

He was Corporal of the Oakham company of minutemen which marched April 19, 1775, in response to the Lexington alarm; served two months in 1776 with Lieut. Asa French at Tarrytown, N. Y., in Col. James Converse's Regt.; marched with Capt. Crawford on the Bennington alarm, August 20, 1777 ; and with Lieut. Alexander Bothwell, 3d, September 25, 1777, to join General Gates at the Northward.

He was a farmer and large landholder. He built the original house, and owned the farm where the late Sanford H. Bullard lived and which is still in possession of his descendants. He subscribed £1 los. toward building the house of Mr. Tomlinson in 1786, to be paid in brick, probably of his own manufacture. He was Selectman of Oakham for twelve years, and Treasurer of the town eight years.

Silas Bullard was married, April 4, 1770, to Mary Furness, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Furness, who came to Oakham from Lynn in 1765. Children, all born in Oakham: Bettey, June 7, 1771 ; Benjamin, March 16, 1773 ; Alpha, March 22, 1775, Ruth, December 5, 1777; Adin, October 11, 1779; William, January 3, 1782; Moley, May 9, 1784; Silas, Jr., April 15, 1787; Editha, June ii, 1789; Melissa, June 11, 1792; Calvin, September 26, 1794; Joel, October 7, 1796.

Two great-grandsons of Silas Bullard, Sergeant George A. Bullard and his brother Silas, were soldiers in Co E 4th Michigan Cavalry, and shared in the capture of Jefferson Davis and his party on May 10, 1865, near Irwinsville, Ga., Sergeant Bullard being the second, and Silas being among the first six that entered his camp.  Silas Bullard died February 9, 1826, aged seventy-nine. His wife, born in 1751, died February i, 1821.


Caronc said...

Thank you so much for this information! My great-great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Bullard of Onondaga, NY. Her grandfather was Samuel Bullard who was killed in the barn raising accident in Onondaga County. I live close to that area which is called "Lord's Corners". I just started researching this part of my family line and as a history buff, the information you posted makes the job less of a chore! Ironically, Elizabeth Bullard's grand-daughter, would lose her husband at a young age from being gored to death by a bull on the family farm, less than a mile from Lord's Corners.

Caronc said...

An update: A letter written by Samuel's grand-daughter, Betsy Bullard Nichols surfaced recently on, confirming Samuel's death as such "my Granfather came from the east and settled on a farm in Onondaga Co near the place whare he was killed he was killed while at a raisin of a distilery on what is known at the Lords Corners..." The descendant of this family also posted a wonderful record of another great-grandson of Samuel's, Oliver Nichols. Oliver was wounded, but survived the Battle of the Wilderness. May 6, 1864.

Unknown said...

I am not sure if I have any relation to this, but I have been trying to find info on a Silas Bullard that Died on May 29, 1892. He was in the 21st Illinois Infantry, Company H. He is buried in Valparaiso IN, and lived there a short while. Other than that, I have no info on this gentleman. I am trying to put together a history of all of the CW men buried in our City of Valparaiso, and can not come up with anything on him. I don't find him in any Census in the State of Indiana, so I can only assume he came here after 1880. Any help on this would be appreciated.
I know that "my" Silas and the one posted here are from different time periods, and that there are multiple Silas Bullard's in the Country in 1880, but Since I have really no info on him, I thought I would try.
Thank you and have a great day.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Hi Steve this is all I have on Bullard.


ARCHIVES Illinois Civil War Detail Report

Name: BULLARD, SILAS. Rank: PVT. Company: H. Unit: 21 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: MARSHALL, CLARK CO, IL. Age: 38. Height: 5' 7. Hair: BROWN. Eyes; BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Marital Status: SINGLE. Occupation: STAGE DRIVER. Nativity: XENIA, GREENE CO, OH.

Service Record. Joined When: JUN 14, 1861. Joined Where: MARSHALL, IL. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: JUN 28, 1861. Muster In Where: SPRINGFIELD, IL. Remarks: DISCHARGED FOR DISABILITY AUG 9, 1862 AT JACINTO MISS.